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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

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Writing Reviews TOO FAST, TOO SOON

posted by wad05c (Tallahassee, FL) Dec 5, 2006

Member since Dec 2005

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Most of the reviews I've seen here were done by people who played the game for about 10 minutes or weren't used to the Wii remote. Others aren't fans of the DBZ series as one should be to enjoy this game throughly. Owning the Wii for over 2 weeks already and putting enough time on this game, I must say this game is just totally awesome. The controller is quite hard to get used to at first BUT once you become used to it, it's AMAZING!! Get ready to literally perform a Kame Hame Ha by moving your hands just as Goku would do. There are over 120 characters and besides Dragon Adventure (the story mode) one has tournament, evolution Z and much more to keep the fun coming. You can upgrade your character and unlock secrets as you play. You need a good 80+ hrs to completely be done with this game. If there are some things I don't like; it would be that Goku can't become SS4 right away (one must choose SS4 Goku as the character). And that even though one can get the controller style by playing over and over, it still takes much longer to MASTER the fights (this may be good for the geeks who have a LOT of time). Overall, the game is very complete, with the whole story ranging from DBZ to GT, and a lot of goodies on the way. If there is anything repitive is that music. But that's about it. The introduction is amazing as well. So before writing reviews TOO FAST TOO SOON, give the game a break and play for over 2 hrs.

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posted by gyro112888 (TIFTON, GA) Dec 8, 2006

Member since May 2006

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I love dbz but hate badly made games

and to my surprise

this game is great.....i cant believe its a dbz game.......they've came along way......and it may just be the first anime game that is not just bought by fans of the show....

if you've never watched the show its great.......
its not as kiddy as most cartoons yet it does'nt go to far to where its unviewable by kids......

awesome storyline some episodes give me shivers

as for the game it covers.....amazingly....all of the dbz series, most of the movies......and the end of dragon ball GT

even a little of old school dragon ball

anyways i dont think you should buy it unless you have alot of friends that come over and will play it multiplayer with you....... it is kind of difficult for people who arent used to video games to "pick up and play".......takes a while to master the controls

i got 100% and all characters!!! yay

then i sent it back today.....oh of my friends owns it....

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O me O my.

posted by DylanLong (CHARLOTTE, TN) Nov 27, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

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Look I HATE , AND DISPISE EVERY THING DRAGON BALL Z I THINK IT IS VERY STUIPID. But this game is brilliant it is weird to play on the wii and very challenging at first but within an hour you will be bending it like beckham. now right now I would give it a 6 or 7 but it has..........drum roll.................OVER 120 CHARECTERS. I dont know more than 10 people in the thing but if this wasent an anime show the charecters would be really inovated. so I cant belive im doing this, but i give this game a 10 out of 10. Now let me go lose faith in every thing else because when I give a DBZ game a 10 look for 4 horses on fire and kiss your butt goodby.

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