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Really Bad

Huge Let Down!

posted by Snowman4001 (ESSEX, MD) Mar 28, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

Let me start with this I love Dragonball Z and all its previous games and I was too excited when I heard they were making a multiplayer version but once i poped it in it was terrible. I kinda feel the same let down like i did with the Dragonball movie smh. there is no longer a combo system, the attacks are dull and seem to not do any real damage, the controls are fine if you stay on the ground and fight but once airborne its like a PS2 flight sim, the Coop AI is barely any help at all and theres no battle tournament or training option. But the worse part of all is the story line its just not there you start off fighting Saibamen before Raditz even shows up let alone Vageta and Nappa. The custmization with the cards sucks too once u get a card it can only go on one character so youll most likely end up with one decent stacked character and 3 waste of space. I suggest you never buy this game unless you get for dirt low like $7 barrel low.

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posted by ck1518100 (HOUSTON, TX) Mar 5, 2014

Member since Feb 2014


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If It's Not Broke Don't Fix It!

posted by lordwolf137 (MESQUITE, TX) Feb 25, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Long time DBZ fan Played all the games seen all the episodes, so how is it when I rented this game think it's going to be a great open world fighter that it turns out to be a MMO type game play. If your looking for that DBZ epic fight throw downs your not going to get it here at start your going to be wowed by how the game looks and from how many characters you can pick from. But wait you can't get them unless you win the missions and no it's not a I'm going to pick Goku and rock every guy that comes a gets a piece. Your going to need a healer and a tank. Yeah I said it a HEALER and TANK (hand raised) this is DBZ not MMO land here in DBZ land, I do not need a healer or a tank but in this game you do. There is no joke on that, with out the healer or tank the fights get so damage heavy if you don't have a guy in your group that pull them off of you or heal you on point then you die and have to start the fight over. Not only that you need to have them level for the fight and have the items or IE cards to make them stronger(the AI will not function right and need the level to do so) all and all don't get this if you looking for and fighter DBZ get it if you trying to see if DBZ can work like a MMO.

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