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DBZ:BoZ Friendship Ki required!

posted by OutBreakKilo (CLEVELAND, OH) Feb 10, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

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DBZ:BoZ is a - fast pace visual brawler, with the chaotic all-out brawl from the anime. There are short comings to the game, and missing elements that should have been, and elements that should of never been added.

It follows Goku's story from the fight against Radditz to him finishing off Kid Buu. If you watched the anime or played any of the previous DBZ games much hasn't change.

It is fun having multiple fighters zooming around fighting and Ki blasting each other. Then soon you will discover the "Trinity MMo system" in the game. This immediately sucks all the fun right out. You will NEED to keep one healer in the team.

Yes a healer in DBZ.

I must of missed those episodes or moments where Gohan shoots a healing beam at Trunks and restores all his Hp.

Then comes the whole replaying missions to get better equipment, or in this case cards. You equip these cards to better your fighter and you will need to do this for your CPU companions other wise you will not succeed in future missions.

Versus mode never quite happened for me. I tried several times and I either met a room that booted me because I didn't have high level cards, I didn't pick healer, I didn't pick the right character to get an achievement with in versus.

It was fun for a time then it got boring fast. If no one picks a healer then you are doom to fail the mission. Guess what I got to play even mission. I finish the game by playing healer straight through. It didn't feel like I was playing a DBZ at that point.

Real talk - if you can't get three other friends to get this game, then by the time you rent this you will be stuck playing healer just so you can unlock Super Saiyan God. Then most likely send it back in disgust questioning whether you just got done playing a DBZ or a healing simulation. At least with friends you can cycle turns.

There is much more I would like to go on about but alas gamefly very limiting characters prevents m

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun Online, Bad Single Player Experience

posted by AwesumJames (HOUSTON, TX) Feb 7, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

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This game had an idea of a great DBZ considering there isn't much more this gaming franchise can do. The co-op and multiplayer is pretty fun, the combat is simple and easy, making for entertaining matches. The roster is also great compared to the past few years of DBZ games. It also has a few characters new to the DBZ game franchise. But where the game lacks is the problem. This isn't a best seller, not many people you know may buy it. If you are looking for a single player experience, I must advise you, this is not a good choice. This game plays off teams of 4. And the AI partners are ridiculously bad this time around. They don't revive you when fallen, they don't help with rushes or synchronized combos, they don't do virtually anything. And between the Frieza saga and Cell saga of story mode, the game boosts in difficulty. So you will have a struggle with story mode if you have no friends who purchased or rented this game. And no, there is no split screen, which also ruins some of the fun and replayability. As for the content of single player experience, you are only allowed in story mode. Battle mode, which has never been before, is online only. So the single player replayability is gone. And while multiplayer is fun, after a few hours it can get dull unless you have three friends to play with.

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posted by fg_man (DEER PARK, NY) Jan 30, 2014

Member since Sep 2012

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Absolutely HORRENDOUS . I feel sorry for people who payed full price for this trash. The game arrived at 11am and it was back in the envelope by noon. The mechanics are horrible, the graphics are okay.

When I started up the "story" mode and the game starts with Goku fighting saibamen then krillin hops in and helps then Raditz comes outta nowhere and Goku and krillin fight Raditz......WHAT!!!???!?!?!?!?!?

Honestly, if you are a DBZ fan just get it from gamefly to be able to say you tried it and just send it back the same day. This will probably be in the local bargain bin in a couple weeks.

Just stick with Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi 3. Those two are the BEST dbz games to date on home consoles. Me personally, I like the Bodokai 3 2D fighting game style, but I would take Tenkaichi 3 over "Battle of SH%T" any day.

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