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Above Average


posted by swagprince (FAYETTEVILLE, AR) Aug 1, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

I love the gameplay and it has great relistic battles but i would lik to hav seen super saighn 4 how do they not hav the dragon saga i dont get tht and i played dbz budakai tekaichi and lovrd ite but when u look at all the charachters tht had burst limit looks lik GARBAGE!!!!!! the character amount was sad it was the only thing tht rlly annoyed me and then i thought y not hav the story its much easier for players who havent watched dragon ball z to understand
All n all its a good fighting game but kik i said i wish their would be a greater depth of charcters!
I give it six

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Solid 8

posted by trouble8 (SPARTANBURG, SC) Jul 21, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

DBZ raging blast is awesome for a fan of dbz. But for the average gamer, its just average. From a regular gamer point of view, the actual fighting is exciting and can be addicting. With new characters popping up as you advance in the story mode it would seem to not get repetitive. Now, for the DBZ fan, the story mode is decent in length, could be longer. The game provides most of the charaters that we would expect, but still lacks the ones WE ALL WANT. Is it too much to ask for some post majin buu characters. If you still don't know what i mean i'll just say it, Goku(ss4) Vegeta(ss4) Gogeta(ss4) i mean i could go all day. IT's A GAME, doesn't really have to stick to the script. But other than that, the online play is fun, so is the story mode with the plus of what-if-stories. SO ill give it a solid 8. Only because it doesn't have those characters.

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GF Rating


it was good

posted by william78 (HEWITT, NJ) Jul 14, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

the game had the best graphics, mechanics and gameplay iv seen in any dbz game. the downfall however was that it didnt incorporate alot of the storyline of either dragon ball or dragon ball gt. i was hoping for a dbz game that had all 3 series put together. i guess they're saving that for last. however that game is pretty decent with almost evry battle between the saiyan saga to the buu saga and some of the movies as well. and to get unlockables u have to do secret tasks in every battle u face in which u gather these red stars to buy either costumes music or what if battles which are pretty fun to play. my favorite is the battle between vegito and gogeta to see whos the best. this game is definitly worth the rent and if uv got the patience i didnt u can try to get all the stars in all the battles(theres over 50 battles) and collect all the unlockables to enjoy the game more with friends.

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