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be great if my flow of games would show up

posted by broadwaystevie (Lincoln, IL) Mar 20, 2013

Member since Oct 2012


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Waay too hard! Over complex

posted by happythug (VANCOUVER, WA) Jun 30, 2012

Member since Oct 2007

I'm getting older, it's becoming pretty difficult for me to pick up new fighting franchises. I'll admit. But I am still a very hardcore gamer, and I still rule at several fighting games. Not this one though, this is a huge diversion from previous DBZ games. It's just so darned complex, and fundamentally different than most fighting games. I became frustrated and sent it back when I could not even beat the first level on normal after about 6 or more tries. (after tutorials)

Graphics, animations and sound are all what we've come to expect from the DBZ fighting games, and that is to say they're pretty great. A crippling camera and a character that doesn't know where to look will severely impede your fighting though. Enemies will often be right next to you, pummeling you, but out of view due to some wall. The camera could just raise into the air in these situations, allowing you to see the action. But no, it stubbornly clings to it's hyper-zoomed-in-view. Vertical movement is awesome, but not when the camera refuses to track the action. Often you are forced to fire your seeking abilities to get an idea of where the enemy is.

The game has almost completely forgone combination-direction-move inputs and instead has provided in insane litany of single direction and button press moves. Even worse, too many hinky hold the button moves. Left stick moves yer character, along with LB and LT for vertical movement and jumping, hold A to dash in a direction, then combine with various direction holds and button holds. Right stick: each direction is assigned to an ability, left D-pad, each direction is assigned to an ability, don't forget about RB and RT! But do forget about using the d-pad for movement.

The rhythm staggers. There are far too many of your own abilities that leave you open, but without any viewable indication. Your character will perform a move and just stand there as if he was ready until another button press is allowed to be registered.

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Just another game

posted by conductivetoast (LEBANON, PA) Mar 2, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

Everytime a new dragon ball z game comes out, I like to try them out to see if they improved the fighting style. Yet again, terrible. CPU seems to be able to block every attack you throw out, but every time you go to block, nothing. You have to make sure you block from the right attack, not just hold the block button down. There isn't a huge list of combo attacks either. It's pretty much punch, punch and special attack if your not already beaten to death. Nothing tops the old dragon ball z games for ps2 (budokai mostly). Story mode was ok, really couldn't get far in it since even normal mode was tough. I think they need to follow back to a mortal kombat style fighting. A lot of combo attacks to choose from to make it more interesting. More up close attack counters too, where u can block some attacks but not all, but also not loose complete control of your character.

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