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why no monkey

posted by chrisrock (CHICAGO, IL) Jun 21, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

why doesn't dbz rb have a monkey in it and butica tenkiche 3 does have a monkey in it

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Cause Im Dbz Game AND Im Awfull

posted by winston98 (BALTIMORE, MD) Jun 10, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

it was teriable

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Really Bad

Dragonball Z Frustration Lasts

posted by Ishyfoo (WINDHAM, ME) Apr 12, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

Okay first off I am a big fan of al the games they have come out with and even sagas and that wasnt even good but still explained itself.

Now with Raging Blast I dont mind the Camera sure it flips out when your Foe goes into the air but i dont mind it,But what does get me are the Controls,Gameplay, and dialouge,When I first got this in the mail I just wanted to say Meh i dont care what the reviews say im going to play this and be happy,I was dead wrong this was the most painful game mechanics when i took 2 hours just to do all the Training sessions and even then i was still getting frustrated with tgem because of the pin point moves you need to pull off I for one thought it was rediculous,Now people were saying the difficulty was like only having hard+ Well I actully agree to some point,now when i was facing goke and krillin in the first fight i could only get krillin then goku raped me, that was on normal and then facing Raditz atm i was tearing my controller apart almost threw it across my room,Now thats how iritating I for one think it is,With the controls the way they are i really dont know what im pressing half the time,Also instead of a story like ive seen other people mention they constantly talk during battle which i think is interupting mostly and an annoyance after all when they dont fight they talk after that is taunts and fist slamming not Bulma: What's he doing? OH No!,see? redundancy quite a bit of it too,Now how you can just click on mostly any fight and just play is really strange and as a fan would not just want a new person like oh what's this fight? Then to the end and not play the rest,Its just a huge mess thats been thrown together rather than polished to perfection,When i compare Burst Limit to this i scoff knowing burst limit is budakai style rather than this being the PS2 spit up and served on a plate to the xbox 360,Enough of the Ranting I would like to commemorate the graphics and choices thats about it to say.

total rating 2/10

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