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Dragon Ball Raging Blast


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Also on:PS3
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

World Tournament Champion

Win a total of 10 World Tournament Finals.

World-Class Speed

Execute 10 Vanishing in a battle.

Speedies in the Universe

Execute 30 Vanishing in a battle.

Super Elite Warrior

Earn 50 victories.

Total Amateur

In World Tournament mode, lose a total of 10 first-round battles.

Turtle Practitioner

Earn 10 victories with the Kamehameha.

Warrior of Light

Use Solar Flare 10 times in a battle

Waste of Space

Earn 100 losses.

Nature Lover

Win a battle on the Wasteland stage without destroying anything.


Earn 10 perfect losses.

Nothing But A Bluff

Lose 20 battles despite transforming

Preliminary Qualifier

Record 10 victories in the World Tournament Stage.

Prince of Cruelty

Execute 5 Knockdown Attacks in a battle.

Saiyan Killer

Defeat Saiyan characters 100 times.

Fireworks Master

Execute 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.

Flying Dragon

Execute 2 Air Combo in a battle.


Earn 50 losses.

Incomplete Power

Achieve a rank of G.

Legendary Warrior

Earn 100 victories

Martial Arts Warrior

Execute 30 HITS in a battle.


Beat The Student (What-if stories)

Counter Monster

Execute 5 counters in a battle.

Death Chaser

Execute 20 Vanishing in a battle.

Dirty Fireworks

Take 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.

Elite Warrior

Earn 10 victories.

Embarrassment to the Clan

Lose 10 Saiyan-against-Saiyan battles.

Broly, Super Broly, LSSJ Broly

Beat Beat Freedom! (What-if stories)

SSJ3 Broly

Beat The Legendary Super Saiyan Reborn (Secret battle 39: Legendary Super Saiyan Saga)

SSJ3 Vegeta

Beat The Strongest Super Saiyan 3 (Secret battle 47: What-if stories)

Super Gogeta

Beat Fusion & Potara Part 1: Super Gogeta (What-if stories)

Vegito, Super Vegito

Beat Fusion & Potara Part 2: Super Vegito (What-if stories)