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posted by Ninjalord (BIDWELL, OH) Nov 4, 2010

Member since Mar 2009

73 out of 78 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Ok so we have yet to get a DBZ game that breaks away from our generic fighting formula. Many more and it'll be come like Koei's Dynasty warriors series. This isn't a bad thing. This game beefs up a lot of things. And it actually adds more than 2 new characters this time around.

The game play is still fast paced and the specials are extremely destructive. I still love it when i hurl a Kamehameha at someone and they open there mouths screaming and fade away like they do in the anime. They def made it to where i feel as if even a saibamen is useful, every character has a story mode to unlock stuff for them. And this is where its awesome, you can customize specials. While i didn't go super in depth mostly because i just want people to see some of the cool stuff it has, im gonna say i rented this and i love it, worth a rent if your a DBZ and fighter fan. I wont keep this, cause while i like it i would ply it enough. I give it a 8.5/10. Rent it. Worth the time.

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posted by xDbZ4liF3x (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Dec 28, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

28 out of 33 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

After the first Raging Blast, people came up with a list of complaints. Nothing new, everyone finds the glitches or perceived unfair situations that appear in the game, and they want them gone. There was a glitchy camera, there was the Techniques not looking as dynamic as they used to, there was the ability to easily spam moves and cheap teleportation tricks. All fair criticisms.

Well good news: They're all gone.

The camera angles work great. No more of the constant need to try to frantically reset the camera, because the thing adjusts itself and the levels have been redesigned in such a way as to reduce the odds of it happening. The techniques are splendid, and have a nice explosion effect upon impact, and the teleportation moves like Wild Sense appear to be gone for the most part.

As for the scenery: beautiful and more destructible than ever. More room to move, you can slam your opponent through mounds of ice, pillars of stone, and even slamming them into the ground leaves a nice little impact crater.

The recovery is more impressive than ever. Now when you're being sent flying, a perfect recovery will allow you to flip over and slide back on your feet, allowing you to strike back first, or in the air, you simply flip around and push back against momentum. And deflecting a Super Technique is highly impressive, as you don't just slap away the blast, but watch it explode behind you in all its splendor.

As for the basic fight controls, they're more varied and unique, making it feel less like a button masher. Character attributes also come into play more here: Speed characters will be fast, Strength characters stronger than average. The stats mean a lot more this time around, but it still maintains the fair balance.

And finally, the techniques themselves: Beautiful. When they impact, they kick up a dust cloud just like in the series, and they most closely resemble the series now too.

The game is nothing short of amazing and incredibly improved. Highly recommend.

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Funny Guy Review: DB Raging Blast

posted by 1FunnyGuy (CHARLOTTE, NC) Nov 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

15 out of 24 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Now look i LOVE the whole entire Dragon Ball sereis since i was a kid, but as a fan i am growing weary.
Pros: The graphics and lighting used in this game give the most BA experience to dbz video games. still fun to unlock most of my favorite characters in the series, also mentioning the truck load of characters available. And no matter what dbz game it is i will never stop lovin the kamehameha.
Here's what i hate having to say, the CONS: one major problem is that its the same two step. All fans out there know that your getting tired and which they would try to brake this chain of the same fighter. i mean after a while seeing a revamped version of the same stories we know gets old. another problem, backgrounds and fighting arenas straight up suck and look ugly. like i never whine about stuff like that but it really threw me off from other great graphics they had going on. Another problem is the countless hours it takes to unlock all the charaters. i know this was supposed to be a way of keeping players playing, but alot of people (meaning me) dont want to have to spend months of trying to get new fighters.
Honestly i truly love the sereis (DBZ fan 4 life), but it's time they take risk on the series and make some serieous changes Bcz the series wont last forever like this.

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