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Bioware is greater than all.....

posted by Paladin76 (MALAKOFF, TX) Nov 4, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

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First off, Bioware and the fine folks that work there are by far the best game devs in the entire world. Bioware knows the importance of story, character development, dialog, and likable NPC's/Party members.

Lets get the "bad" out of the way first. The graphics for the console version of this game are sub-par at best. Compared to Mass Effect, you can really see that they could have done so much more. The PC version however is amazing and much easier to look at. Graphics do not make the game however so no points will be deducted.

Combat and controls take some getting use to (again much easier and better on the PC version) but once you do get use to them the game opens up to a world of awesome tactical possibilities. You are able to pause game play at any time and issue commands to each party member, or assign them a default tactic to use where they will bascially do what the AI tells them to do.

The story is amazing so far and just a few hours into it, it will have you on the edge of your seat. Twist and turns are a plenty and you best expect the unexpected. Not only is there the main quest/story to follow, but there are tons of side quest and story related to your party members.

The characters are very likable and you easily get attached to them. For the first time in 10+ years I actually care about my party members and I am hanging on to their every word. Bioware really brought the personality to this game and it shows in the dialog options between yourself and your party members.

Customization is great and really has that D&D feel to it without it being a complete rip off. You can build your character pretty much anyway you want, spending points along the way in your area of interest.

On top of all that this game has endless replayability options. You get a different story for each class/race, and the modding community will keep this game going long after what one would think would be a normnal lifespan.

This is a must buy.

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good story, but hardly a 10

posted by Valkyrie (CABOT, AR) Jan 17, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

This game is fun, but don't believe all these 9+ reviews.

The main problem with these reviews is that they get you all excited and you tend to get disappointed when your expectations are not met. Read my review, then get this game and I am sure you will end up enjoying it.

That being said, the main thing you need to brace yourself for is the graphics. Once you start the game and see them for the first time just know that yes, they borderline last gen on the xbox360. Pics they show are for the pc version and I am here to say that the transfer to 360 did not go so well. To me, it does take a bit away from story immersion. What can I say, I was expecting Oblivion/Mass Effect visuals and with DAO I got Return to Krondor (which I rated very high for visuals...10 years ago).

Party AI is hit or miss. The options for tactic adjustment are some of the best I have seen in a game, ever, sadly they do not always preform the way you set them and you are left switching between them all in an attempt to save them from death or just get them to engage battle.

Game has tendency to save AFTER hard battles, not before, so save often.

If you hate watching/reading dialog than just skip this game. It wasn't made for people like you.

Storage space runs out quick in the start. Give gifts as soon as you get them. helps leave slots open.

Loot from the slain don't always appear right away. Give it a few seconds or go back later to claim your drops.

Crafting is not MMO grade. just know it is going to be simplistic.

Install to hard drive from the start if you can.

turn music and effects WAY down from the start and leave dialogue set high.

You may want to change the x and y axis sensitivity to low right at the start too if your getting dizzy.

Seriously, these things are about the worst this game has going against it. They are far from game breakers, but definitely enough to drop the score down a few notches. Now get this game and enjoy cause it pretty much rocks!

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settle in, you'll be here a while

posted by GRIMLOC (PINELLAS PARK, FL) Oct 17, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

if you give the game a chance it will suck you in. way to much talking but thats the price you pay to have so much freedom. controls a little goofy but nothing you cant deal with. the more you play the the more you crave of this game.

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