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Many hours spent in this world already!

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Nov 15, 2009

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I wanted to wait until I had played this game a lot before posting anything here. Those who reviewed on day one couldn't have given more than a glancing review.

Dragon Age is a really good game with most areas being solid. I don't know if it is GREAT in any area other than being addictive in advancing your character skills and collecting better loot. It is good in all other areas though, and that is rare in my opinion.

Graphics are above average, but not Unreal quality or anything. The camera pans a little shaky sometimes during cut scenes, but art design is really cool and the fantasy world is at times lovely/horrifying depending on what type of environment you are in.

Voice acting is really good and music and sound effects are perfect for the fantasy setting. The folks at Bioware have always been good at this going back to the old Baldur's Gate series on the PC.

There are a lot of skills to learn and the only bad thing about this is that you want to have them all. Well, I guess you will have to replay the game as a different character to try out the other skills, right? I already have 6 characters going right now, but I've focused on a mage to try out as many spells as possible. The spell effects look good and there are many different effects to choose from. I suggest making sure you have several spells that paralyze or freeze enemies in place because you WILL get surrounded by enemies frequently, and they WILL outnumber your four character party.

There are a lot of little touches in the game that make it more enjoyable (and replayable) such as story development between characters in your party and finding out new things about your party members as the overall story progresses. There are many likeable characters to bring into the fold, so you may also want to replay the game with different configurations.

Dragon Age is deep and highly replayable. Any RPG fan will want to spend at least 150 hours of game time here playing and replaying it.

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Bioware returns with a clash and a thunderous boom

posted by beeronasti (ODESSA, TX) Nov 3, 2009

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Dip your toes but a little and you scratch the surface of a deep and twisted world, where you feel like you want to not only apprach the intricate problems posed from a single angle, but rather explore them from all of the 6 view points(or more if you count some that change with gender and profession)to find out what changes. This kind of a game draws you into it and forces you to emotionally connect with not only the main character but also the NPC's that make up the majority of the game. This is an opportunity for a True hero to help or an evil hero to hinder, but regardless of the outcome the ride will be most enjoyable.

To be fair, the graphics are not extrodinary, however the maps do a resonable job at adding middle distance objects to the well detailed near and far. The landscape is mostly mute colors with the exception being the bright and exquisite landscapes which make up the backdrop of the game. The facial expression can sometimes be odd and the faces seem strangely proportioned, however the dialogue and voice acting shines and makes all of those seem unimportant.

Combat is a mixed bag with some people angry, I however actually like the ability to free my mind from the button mashing hack'n'slash games that dominate the present market. Partly this is due to how it reminded me of long off days watching Knights of the old republic light saber battles with a warm glow. Once you start attaining skills you being to weave in new abilities and it really makes combat intense and exciting.

I assure you that this is a game worthy of a puchase absolutely as much warrented as that of fallout 3. After all to truly play this game while renting it would likely cost you months in dues.

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posted by tlg_texas (LUFKIN, TX) Feb 20, 2012

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I'm totally obsessed with this game! This is my first RPG, and now I think that I can't go back to anything else! The writers for this game are absolutely amazing and went well above my expectations. I have now bought this game, all of the add-ons, Dragon Age II, and the prequel books because the storyline drew me into its world. In the past, I always just played and enjoyed the type of games where you just run around and hack-n-slash enemies mindlessly, and the story goes goes in one direction. You won't get that with this game. Your story can branch out in numerous ways based on your choices. You can talk to your companions and enemies and have a variety of comments that can drastically alter your storyline. I also liked how you can build friendships and relationships with your party members. I've really grown to love these pretend people. I suggest that you have multiple saves because you might regret some actions/choices that you made along the way.

Since this isn't the type of game where you have to memorize long button combinations to perform attacks, with this game, you have to stop and think about not only your tactics, weapons, armor, etc, but you have to organize for your party members as well. Being my first RPG, that was new and, at first, challenging to me. But now, I love it!

I really enjoyed being able to customize my game character. With DAO, you can choose your gender, race, background, and specialization. Again, I was used to playing a male character in other types of games (I'm a female). You can also customize your appearance, which I thought was totally fun! I took over thirty minutes just trying to figure out how I wanted my appearance to be.

I finished the game with 80+ hours on it, and I know I skipped one or two of the side quests. I don't think it altered my story too much because my story ended very well! I made sure that. So, you'll definitely get lots of game play with this. Enjoy!

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