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Very Good

Expectation dictates experience

posted by jamie_lynn (BROADLANDS, VA) Dec 10, 2014

Member since Dec 2014

This game sounded really interesting, and I know BioWare was at least involved in one of my favorite franchises, Mass Effect, but having never even heard of the game I had no expectations in terms of playing experience.

I'll start with the things I like about the game. The quests seem engaging enough to keep me playing. The graphics are decent enough to look at - especially considering the release date of the game. The characters are unique, and I love the freedom the game gives you to create and shape your own path and game experience (as well as a very detailed character design menu) throughout the various quests.

Now the bad. The fighting is a bunch of mashing of buttons. I chose to play as a mage, so the buttons represented different spells with each one being repeatedly mashed in each confrontation. I'm willing to accept that my personal playing style may be the issue here, but I get the sense that the other character archetypes also end up button mashing similar sequences of square, triangle, and x. The ridiculous battles happen too often for my taste, and every enemy boils down to the same thing. I'm at least 10 hours in and I have NO idea how most of the menus work. They're crazy confusing, and very obtuse. A lot like Mass Effect 1, of course. The quests are never very clearly explained in terms of locations of specific items or people, which wouldn't be so bad if the maps weren't crazy complicated. I get the Oblivion vibe here. Some people like it, I don't.

Overall, I'd definitely give this game a shot, especially if you like rpgs. I mean, I've only rage quit one time so far and that was just because I don't like the confusing maps.

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Dragon age Origins, not impressed

posted by cmeeks (ARLEE, MT) Apr 4, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

ok so this game starts off ok, but you soon lean that the battle control is not that great and you don't ever really talk, you just give a response. So if you can get past the battle control part then your doin ok.

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One Word...WOW

posted by TallusTheKiller (OGDEN, UT) Jan 6, 2014

Member since Jul 2013

The first ever BioWare game that I played was for the PC and that was Dragon Age II. When I played this I of course lowered my standards as it was a predecessor. That was a mistake. The graphics of the game were stunning. The different availability of the races mixed with the classes were nicely done as well. It is nice to know just who the Hero of Ferelden just was. Excellently made.

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