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GF Rating


So-So game

posted by myotonic (ARCADIA, CA) Nov 22, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

it's a game meant for those who love story telling titles. The story is deep complex and interesting for each class or race you choose. Also each choice you make can change how others react to you. However that's where it ends in all it's glory. It's dull in combat click "x" leave it alone push a skill button here and there and win; yes played on a higher difficultly level just means you have to pay attention to what you're killing, but that's it. It's hack-N-Slash style like Champions of Norrath with very deep story and companions that's it.

The deep story bored me so much i just said anything to get through the long dialog to try and play. You spend more time reading and picking a response then you do in combat.

If you want a game rich in detail to all aspects choose Oblivion. Simply a great game you can talk and change your experience throughout the game. Sadly it doesn't compare to the story that Dragon Age Origin offers for each race and sub-class you choose that's it.

Final verdict; if you want high action with less talk Oblivion is the better choice; story that replayability is high for sheer understanding all angles of the game Dragon Age wins. Story versus action is the choice, sadly neither game comes with online which is the main reason this game has a low score for me. Four playable characters in a party and zero option for online play? Doesn't make sense in my book especially when next-gene games are about online features over single player ones because if i want great story with solo play the final fantasy series will win every time. No online support, other then lame trophies mean this is a rent only game.

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GF Rating


Great game Best stroy line

posted by travis2090 (LUBBOCK, TX) Nov 22, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

This was a great 40+ hours of story line. Not to happy with the end not gonna spoil but could have been better. 9 out of 10 even with the ending.

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GF Rating


Interesting, but repetitive and error-prone

posted by 97svtvert (ORO VALLEY, AZ) Nov 21, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

BioWare has made some excellent RPGs in the past, and this one is almost as good as its other efforts. The storyline is quite engrossing, and the depth of characters which can be controlled by the player is unmatched.

However, gameplay is very repetitive. There are four or five main quests, and each one ends up with you spending several hours battling through large dungeon-like maps room by room, fighting the same bad guys over and over, for the most part. Once you've done the first quest, you might as well have done the rest. The story and character interaction partially makes up for this, but you'll still get pretty bored at times, if you're like me. Unlike Mass Effect or Knights of the Old Republic, which you could play through two or three times and have completely new experiences and not feel as if you were repeating the same tasks over and over (though Mass Effect was slightly guilty of this) - once you complete the main quest, it's unlikely that you'll want to play completely through again just to see a different ending.

New features like gifting make wooing romantic interests easier, and the romance plot lines are much more detailed than, say, Mass Effect. Graphics are surprisingly not as good as one would expect from a PS3 game - while previews show hair blowing in the wind and swaying with movement, for example, in-game hair and ponytails have apparently been reinforced with massive amounts of hairspray, because they rigidly move along with the player's head.

The game is also frighteningly error-prone, with one of the most common issues being a lack of recognition that plot points or quest items have been fulfilled, leaving you stuck at a door that can't be opened or with a NPC that can't be reasoned with. Be sure to save early and often so that you can repeat such tasks and avoid frustration.

It's an exciting game, but one would expect BioWare to do better. It is engrossing, despite its faults, and one should expect to be quite taken by the story.

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