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Dragon Let down

posted by defected (GREENVILLE, NC) Nov 23, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

Gamefly says Online Enabled: Yes, but um Since there is no online maybe you should check that to no !

Sorry RPG like this with no online is " stupid and boring" - I installed the game then seen that there is no online and Deleted the game off my PS3 and back in the mail it went !

So I guess if you like to sit alone for countless hours in a dark room playing an RPG ( Then this game is for you ) As for me this was a waste of a Good Game ...

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So-So game

posted by myotonic (ARCADIA, CA) Nov 22, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

it's a game meant for those who love story telling titles. The story is deep complex and interesting for each class or race you choose. Also each choice you make can change how others react to you. However that's where it ends in all it's glory. It's dull in combat click "x" leave it alone push a skill button here and there and win; yes played on a higher difficultly level just means you have to pay attention to what you're killing, but that's it. It's hack-N-Slash style like Champions of Norrath with very deep story and companions that's it.

The deep story bored me so much i just said anything to get through the long dialog to try and play. You spend more time reading and picking a response then you do in combat.

If you want a game rich in detail to all aspects choose Oblivion. Simply a great game you can talk and change your experience throughout the game. Sadly it doesn't compare to the story that Dragon Age Origin offers for each race and sub-class you choose that's it.

Final verdict; if you want high action with less talk Oblivion is the better choice; story that replayability is high for sheer understanding all angles of the game Dragon Age wins. Story versus action is the choice, sadly neither game comes with online which is the main reason this game has a low score for me. Four playable characters in a party and zero option for online play? Doesn't make sense in my book especially when next-gene games are about online features over single player ones because if i want great story with solo play the final fantasy series will win every time. No online support, other then lame trophies mean this is a rent only game.

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Great game Best stroy line

posted by travis2090 (LUBBOCK, TX) Nov 22, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

This was a great 40+ hours of story line. Not to happy with the end not gonna spoil but could have been better. 9 out of 10 even with the ending.

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