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Computer RPGing comes to the console!

posted by cancelHoo (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Dec 4, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

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Some of the other criticisms of this game on here really highlight the difference in CRPG (C for computer) players and console players. I've always shied away from console versions of RPGs which are either too action oriented or too Japanese (sorry Japan, but you are just too quirky and repetitive). Dragon Age, however, is a great title that brings the strategic combat of past classics like Baldur's Gate to a console. I have heard that the PS3 version is a tad dumbed down, but I am no longer interested in paying over $1000 to keep my PC hardware up to date. It does show what companies think console players are willing to deal with difficulty wise.

Party based RPGs are meant to be strategic. Those of you who complain that this isn't Oblivion should go play a shooter and leave the RPGs to the enthusiasts. I loved Oblivion, but it is definitely console oriented.

One final note. Why, with the power of the hardware and usb ports can't these games handle a mouse and keyboard?

10 out of 10 for PC RPG lovers!!!

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Great game but very difficult.

posted by MrNolan (HARRISON TOWNSHIP, MI) Jan 15, 2011

Member since Jul 2010

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I started this game on Hard difficulty thinking that as an avid RPG lover, i'd be ready for the challenge. This game whoopped me real good very early on. Simple low scale battles took me to my limits time and time again until I decided to swallow my pride and lower the difficulty to medium. I was then doing fine until a certain part of the game (i won't spoil) required me to play as and understand a different class than the class I picked for my main character.

This game has great storyline, with awesome characters that deliver their lines very well. If you have played games like Star Wars Knights of the old republic or Mass Effect, then you will love the conversation syle gameplay. I really liked how you could probe your party members and be rewarded with more information about their pasts as you grew stronger in your friendship with them. Its great!

The bad thing is again, the difficulty level and lack of comprehensive tutorial. Some things I had to go on the internet to know how to perform. Symbols and spells I had no clue what they did unless I did my own research. Its no big deal, I enjoy researching my games... but when lack of research gets my but kicked, im not very happy about it.

At the end of the day, I did not finish the game and was disappointed that I had to make the decision to move on to another game because I had spent many days playing this game from dusk til dawn. The difficulty killed the fun waaaay too many times for me. Another thing, some people like dungeon games but for my tastes, the dungeons in this game were waaaaaay too long. Being so tough and unforgiving did not help that at all.

I reached a point where I had to lower the difficulty from Hard to medium, as I had stated before. By the time I got to the point where I had to lower from medium to easy (for a certain dragon battle), I had had enough. After lowering the difficulty to easy, I had lost my sense of dignity. I had lost my ambition to finish the game.

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Amazing game hindered by a couple flaws

posted by BredHammer (NIAGARA FALLS, NY) Jul 25, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

This game is phenomenal. For any rpg fan.

The great part is this game is truly deep and engaging. The story requires you to make outcome-dependent decisions from the first few dialogs until the end of the game. The characters are developed so well that you actually need full concentration through dialog to truly understand them. The armor/weapon/skill system is comparable to an mmorpg. The gameplay forces you to master each class and companion if you want to complete it on the hardest difficulty. It is truly a great game

The negatives are a glitched system. Everything from minor door opening glitches to freezing when loading. To play this game you must learn to both master the gameplay and ability to remember to save constantly.

I am an rpg, Everything from KOTOR to Mass Effect to Fable to Final Fantasty to everything inbetween and this game is exceptional but it is hindered by glitches.

You will be engaged and more than willing to experience multiple playthroughs based on simply wondering how that single dialog could have changed 40+ hours of gameplay.

I cannot give this game 10 based on these small errors because they WILL happen however you should not let that take away from your gaming experience.

Play this game. Buy it if you love rpg's. Either way this game brings everything to the table and deserves the acclaim it has earned. Just try to look past unfortunately frustrating flaws.

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