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Gather your party and venture forth?

posted by Taladryel (NEW YORK, NY) Nov 21, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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The title of this review - a phrase encountered quite frequently in the game - is a throwback to Baldur's Gate, another Bioware RPG franchise. In a way, Origins is not unlike the old Baldur's Gate that looks more like Mass Effect (and plays more like yet another throwback, Knights of the Old Republic - but without the lightsabers).

For the uninitiated, Origins is basically a more-evolved RPG - you design your character, pick his or her background, and set off on an adventure to, ultimately, save the world by virtue of hacking or blasting some arch-bad guy thing to death. Character customization comes from a combination of stats, classes, skills (like poison-making), and "talents" (actual abilities to use in combat, like fireball or shield bash). There are also sub-classes (like Templar or Spirit Healer) that can be unlocked giving access to additional talents.

Combat is very KOTOR-ish. It's real time, with your character doing basic attacks and whatever talents (shield smash) you trigger. Meanwhile, your party members each do their own thing (you do get the ability to set detailed combat behaviors though). However, you can also pause at any time to issue specific commands, and switch party members at will. Fairly easy to pick up, but the fights themselves can be challenging at times.

Bioware's strength has always been open-ended stories set in detailed worlds. Origins is no different. You have a broad set of goals, but how you achieve them is your business. Be good, be evil, be in-between, have (or don't have) romantic relationships, pick up (or ignore) dozens of side quests - it's all up to you.

On the whole, Origins is "next-gen KOTOR" or "Mass Effect without guns and with more depth". A few things could have been done a bit better, but on the whole, the Bioware formula is very well executed. One side note, however - the game does include liberal graphic bloodletting and suggestive themes (e.g. a functioning brothel). Little Timmy's parents beware.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Dragon Age: Origins, so close to perfection

posted by weavtastiq (BRIDGEVILLE, PA) Jan 25, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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Right from the start when you turn on Dragon Age: Origins, you truly become your character. Immediately you have to start making decisions which could potentially change the outcome of the game. This does not stop until the final battle and it's one of the things that makes this game so much fun. The graphics are great, maybe not the best I've seen, but definitely pleasing to look at. The soundtrack adds to the creepy element in many areas of the game and the voice acting for the most part was great too. The controls are a bit tricky because of the complexity of the game and the limits imposed by the ps3 controller, but you will quickly get the hang of the basics, and it flows quite well once mastered.

I only had a couple of issues with this game. Several times throughout the game, I encountered random glitches. Once I entered a room, watched a cutscene, and when it ended the door I came through was locked as was the door leading out the other side. Neither could be picked and required a key. I found out by reloading my last save that it was not supposed to be that way. Small glitches like this can and will happen so SAVE OFTEN when you play this game. If you save often these issues will not pose major problems and will not ruin the game for you.

The lack of a bank system and lingering quest related inventory items can make managing your free inventory space a challenge. I found no simple way around this and do not want to provide any spoilers so I will just leave it at that.

One more minor issue was the cooldowns on buffs. I simply dont see a need for this in a single player game.

There is a ton of depth to the story here, nice replayability, and a ridiculous amount of side quests and optional paths to take. On my first play through I spent nearly 60 hours and I'm already starting again with another character.

I would highly recommend this game to any fan of the RPG genre, especially fans of Baldur's Gate and similar titles.

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An excellent game for any rpg fan.

posted by reganj (LANSING, NY) Nov 9, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

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Finally, an amazing rpg for the ps3!! Dragon Age is one of my favorite games so far this year.

-Very well written story that has branching paths. You will be interested in every charecters backstory and the fact you can gain and loose favore with your party members is a plus.
-Battle system is similar to neverwinter nights or knights of the old republic. It is kind of a mash up but turns out to be better then both aforementioned games.
-Loot system is great and armor and weapon changes are visible on your charecter.
-Epic length. This game is huge. I am only 12 hours into it and Ive explored less than 11 percent of the world.
-Charecters are fleshed out and well animated.
-Graphics could be better but there are moments that it looks very good.
-Frame rate can chug during large battles but this is not game breaking.

So that is about it. I plan on buying this game and the golemn dlc is a must buy. He comes in handy if you get him early in the game like I did. Very powerful friend to have.

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