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i love to mage

posted by Cloudstrife13 (MILFORD, NH) Dec 5, 2014

Member since May 2014

Not gonna lie I had so much fun. Being a mage is so fun

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Very Good

Bioware Still Got It For the Most Part

posted by CrazyGamer2186 (LUCERNE VALLEY, CA) Oct 19, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

Dragon Age II is a great game by all far but does have some bad things to it but not so bad to.
Story is basically center around Hawke, a human who is trying to flee Lothering alongside with his/her family during the Blight from the previous Dragon age games. After the first few hours, the game starts to jump through different time gaps that spans several years to tell the story. Act 1 of the game focuses on how Hawke is going to get in on the Deep Roads Expedition, Act 2 is focusing on the Qunari and then Act 3 ends the game with the Mage-Templar War that Dragon Age Inquisition will pick up from. Other than that I am not going to spoil the story but will say that it is a great story for a sequel but not as great as Dragon Age Origins.
Gameplay is more stripped down to more of a button mashing action take than the action and with optional strategic combat from Origins. Dialogue is now a Mass Effect type of dialogue but modified to suit for Dragon Age 2. Also customization is not as great as the first game and most locations is recycled for everything and overall length is shorten down to within a 30 hours experience. Even with these issues the game does turn out to be fun even in love/hate way.
Graphics and Sound is way better than Origins since Bioware made improvements to the game engine technology they made for Dragon Age Origins. Now with Frostbite 3 for the next installment to the series, it will only get better.
Engaging story and characters over a several year span of time in the game.
Conversation system that is inspired from Mass Effect makes it a great system for the most part.
Having a new area outside of Fereldan is a great change.
Graphics and Sound is a great improvement.
Gameplay is alright for the most part.
Bad and or Ugly, depending on player
Game length is very short
Mass Effect Like conversation system sometimes is bad.
Combat and Customization dubbed down and streamlined
Recycled game locations.
Overall 8/10

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Pretty good

posted by Death_Scythe (HANFORD, CA) Oct 8, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

Its a decent game. You can pick from 3 characters, (Rogue, Wizard, & Warrior) doesn't really matter what character you pick because you get the chance to play as the other 2 at the same time. You pick up companions on your way through the story and can have a maximum party of 4 in the beginning. You can switch between all players in your party playing each different character during a battle. The players that you are not currently playing as in your party can be set to do certain attacks or use certain abilities in different circumstances, these 'Tactics' are a good way to still have the characters do what you want without you having to take control of that character everytime you want them to do something. The graphics are okay, could be better. Storyline from upto where ive played is intriguing and is altered by every descion you make ending with many different scenarios in every situation. All in all its a pretty good, decent, somewhat entertaining game. Not exactly my preferred type of game nevertheless was fun to play for a while. Hope you enjoy it!

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