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Love this Game ... But

posted by ThePRocket (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Mar 22, 2011

Member since Aug 2007

ok, I'd have given this game a 10 if not for the fact that when you beat the game you can't go back and knock off side quests. In fact if you purchase the DLC companion content after winning, you can't go back and do that either.

That linear approach to the story kind of pisses me off.... The other night I started the game over since I had paid for DLC and the result is I realize the game has decent playback value..

By changing classes and doing a little research as I'm playing, Im hitting up all the places I missed and enjoying it.

So off the point of things I don't like. The game itself blows the original out of the water.. fluid, better graphics, more engaging...Its a must play for RPG fans..

I still love the class system, but they did make runes non removeable from items,, which makes you not want to enchant anything as you play.. then you end up winning the game and missing out on that fun.. Companions also have their own armour now.. I guess that saves you about 10 hrs of messing with other peoples inventory.. but on the flip side.. that was kind of fun as well.. I love buying new items from merchants and upgrading my characters.

I rented this through gamefly... Beat it in 40 hrs...
other than feeling like the power went out after the final scene, it was a fun game that had me into it the entire way.. If some bit of BIG DLC is on the way.. then I'll keep it.. if not, it will be sent back next week...

For future titles they should really look at making the game playable again with your current character and skill sets... nothing like building a character an entire game to not be able to use him after beating the game...

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Addictive like last time

posted by cernunnos (GAINESVILLE, FL) Mar 22, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2009

Probably not as compelling or even as fun as the first time around but DA2 is worth your time if you like rpg games. Some of the rpg elements have been dumbed down but there is still plenty to micro-manage. I think you have to own the game in order to get your mabari warhound but this time he is not a controllable/upgradeable party member so it's not that much fun having him around. I think purchasers of the game also get access to the Black Emporium which I visited once. I could not afford a single item in it so I think you could get away with renting this game and not miss out on too much.

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Amazing Storyline

posted by RolandDeshane (MILTON, FL) Mar 21, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

Picking up where Dragon Age I left off, this game played out the life of Hawk, a stranded noble forced to leave his home with his family and begin a new life on a distant island nation. From rags to riches, this game has it all. As Hawk, you souround yourself with a band of loyal compatriots and strive to create peace between the mages and the nobles of the island. The game has some striking cut aways and amazing graphics which only enhance an already great storyline. The control you have over the decisions of the characters is vast and alows you to customize your adventure any way you like.

Overall, this was an amazing game and one I'd recomend to anyone why enjoys RPGs.

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