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posted by KHMDark (COVINGTON, GA) Mar 23, 2011

Member since Feb 2009

I have been waiting for this game for a good while, and even waited almost two weeks so that Gamefly could send me a copy. I couldn't wait to play the full game, especially after I played the Demo.

And, I can honestly say... It IS a great game.

The gameplay is similar to Origins, but it is a lot more focused on action and fighting, to where you have to press 'A' to use your basic attack, which ALWAYS looks awesome. It's like everything is amped up to the next level. And you fight A LOT more enemies at once, making you truly feel like the Champion of Kirkwall.

You can import your saved data from Origins, if you have played it, and depending on what you did and decided in that game, it reflects on what happens in your new game. Like, for example and spoiler, if you saved all of the werewolves and turned them back to humans, it will show that. It also has some preset settings, for those that have not played Origins. And don't worry, while selecting the game, it can tell you all of the choices you made in the previous game. VERY useful for those that played the game a lot.

The story beats the first game's by a land slide. The choices you make are done like in Mass Effect, which I personally LOVE. The story will give you a few twists and turns which you will NOT see coming, and this coming from a guy who usually ruins the game or movie because I can tell what's going to happen... which I hate myself for. T~T The story is something which everyone will love, and it can change depending on what you can do (by the way, what happens in the end of the game made my jaw drop for over a minute).

The best part about it? The game gives you a bunch of free items if you go to the website and do various things, like thumbs up it in Facebook, or beat the demo to start out with a sword to held you out in the beginning of the game.

There are a few glitches, like a man standing like a ghost or something, but that's what patches are for.

In the end, BUY THE GAME! Or at least try it.

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Overall.....Its pretty good

posted by traviesom110 (JAMESTOWN, KY) Mar 23, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

I am a Bioware fanboi. I will get that out of the way.

Now, I love thee for the combat but it seemed as if.....Bioware got lazy. As someone said earlier, its like playing Mass Effect but staying on the citadel the whole time.


That is what bothered me more than anything.

The game isn't perfect, near the end fights I had Sandals half skull popping up asking about enchantments and Varric's face disappeared, in game and in the video sequence.

Come on BW, I love you all but this....... wasn't the best.

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Love this Game ... But

posted by ThePRocket (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Mar 22, 2011

Member since Aug 2007

ok, I'd have given this game a 10 if not for the fact that when you beat the game you can't go back and knock off side quests. In fact if you purchase the DLC companion content after winning, you can't go back and do that either.

That linear approach to the story kind of pisses me off.... The other night I started the game over since I had paid for DLC and the result is I realize the game has decent playback value..

By changing classes and doing a little research as I'm playing, Im hitting up all the places I missed and enjoying it.

So off the point of things I don't like. The game itself blows the original out of the water.. fluid, better graphics, more engaging...Its a must play for RPG fans..

I still love the class system, but they did make runes non removeable from items,, which makes you not want to enchant anything as you play.. then you end up winning the game and missing out on that fun.. Companions also have their own armour now.. I guess that saves you about 10 hrs of messing with other peoples inventory.. but on the flip side.. that was kind of fun as well.. I love buying new items from merchants and upgrading my characters.

I rented this through gamefly... Beat it in 40 hrs...
other than feeling like the power went out after the final scene, it was a fun game that had me into it the entire way.. If some bit of BIG DLC is on the way.. then I'll keep it.. if not, it will be sent back next week...

For future titles they should really look at making the game playable again with your current character and skill sets... nothing like building a character an entire game to not be able to use him after beating the game...

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