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A decent follow up to Dragon Age: Origins

posted by HardBoiled (TARZANA, CA) Mar 15, 2011

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RPGs these days are hit or miss. I find it is due to the actual role playing elements they incorporate into these games. So many menus to scroll through to manage your equipment, inventory, attributes, items, etc. BORING!!!! Keep it simple, make it more accessible to those who don't often play RPGs. For example, the combat system, though much improved over the first game, still feels like it needs to be more prominent. Why can't we have a role playing game where you can fight your foes God of War style. And why is it you can't block in this game? This is an action heavy RPG, so make the combat exciting, fun, simple to learn. Your character should be able to block, use sword combos, and equip multiple style weapons. The story is great, but feels very linear. I felt like I was told where to go and didnt have much freedom to choose how and when I get there. The choice I can make in dialogue is pointless and does not dramatically change the story based on your answers. Too bad because I was expecting a much better game this time around. Console RPGs should be simplified, leave all the menu driven, turn based style RPGs to the PC crowd.

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DA:II is a great successor, but not to DA:O

posted by Trz1000 (CLERMONT, FL) Mar 15, 2011

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Dragon Age 2 is a great game in many aspects, however, because that the developers only spent a limited amount of time in making it some parts of it are lacking. But first, I'm gonna say the reasons why Dragon Age 2 is better then the original. Remember in Dragon Age Origins when you would have to run manually to the target and often got killed because the console refused to acknowledge that you were pressing shield bash to save your healer in a boss fight? In DA2 such things are now a VERY VERY rare occurance because of the new combat system where a target is automatically selected and you charge to the target when you press the attack button.
Dragon Age 2 also has undergone somewhat of an great facelift, clothes have been approved, with mage headware actually becoming a cowl or a hood instead of a giant cone you would see at a 7-year old birthday party. Speaking of armor, the game has given companions a default set of armor that can be upgraded by buying specific items from stores that will upgrade a certain character's armor, these can also be found in the game, usually during personal quests. Some companion outfits also change when you have successfully completed their romance.
DA2 does have it's downsides, the most important downside is how the game repeatedly uses the same areas for separate quests, such as when you go SPOILERS to the same underground passage to kill a group of Zealots and 10 minutes later go there to gather items for another quest. Another downside is in the extremely annoying number of basic items in the game, mainly rings or necklaces, what bothers me is that a ring can be found 10 minutes into the game that gives the most common +4% damage and the same ring found halfway through it. Another thing that bothers me is how sometimes you give a gift to a companion and they lose friendship value.
Overall, DA2 is a great game tries to stay true to DA:O but changes had to be made in order to please a larger crowd.

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