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This isnt what they say it is...

posted by whatup5656 (DOVER, DE) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

If you like any bioware games, then you will like this one. While it isnt the same as Dragon Age Origins, it is better in the sense. The one thing that I would like to touch on the most is the story. It keeps you on your toes...wondering what is going to happen next and the characters just add to that. I think the friend vs rival influence is great and should be in every game. The graphics are better than the last one and the character models are too. The only thing this game is lacking is the old style of get to know your friends and win them over like the previous one. That one little detail to the game doesn't bring it down. Its a game of its own and I'm feel like it was a good step for the Dragon Age series. So if you have anyone bad mouthing this game...they didn't even play it. If they said they did, they are most likely lying. To many biased opinions now a days.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Loved first game

posted by leefernon (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Mar 17, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

but this may have been one of the laziest designed games I ever played. They just reuse the same maps over and over, except they will just fill some paths with cement. Those paths are still on the map too so it isn't even like they are trying to hid the laziness. Not that many types of enemies either. Although they have "simplified" a lot of the games elements it almost seems like they cut away a lot of the good. Given a lot of the other short cuts I wonder if they made these simplifications just so they could pump this out faster and make a quick buck.

honestly if i had not played the both and i did not know the titles. I would have assumed this was the first game and it was made 6 years ago. I am very disappointed because I love this company's games, but they better not pull this with ME3. I would have been pretty angry if I had paid 60+ bucks for this. I have seen little effect from the choices you make either, other than friendship points with your companions. This really doesn't matter though because negative reactions are just "rivalry points" and rivalry just adds a different ability than friendship. They won't leave or anything. The characters are much weaker in this one too

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GF Rating

Very Good

needs more epic

posted by lazurillian (CLEBURNE, TX) Mar 16, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

this a great game but the story lacked the epicness of the first one. in hindsight the first you raised an army, took out a tyrant trying to kill and reunited ferelden to defeat the blight and the arch demon. but this one just feels like a giant string of quests that lead up to a big fight that was not nearly as good the arch demon in origins. i still recommend this game but the follow up (if there is one) needs to be huge in epic ways. other than that the only bad part was it seemed like bioware got a bit lazy with maps recycling a bunch in places that they shouldn't but still a great game. totally worth an 8 but nothing more.

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