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Bugs Bugs and More Bugs

posted by Shaggyspider (PENN, PA) Nov 29, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

First off there are so many bugs and glitches in this game, some help you most hurt you or make it impossible to finish a quest, I got almost to the end of the game and couldn't finish it because every time I tried to go into the area I needed to finish the main quest line it would never load that area, and thats trying multiple times and letting it sit there for an hour or so the last time, I am quite "EXTREMELY UPSET", 25-30 hours of gameplay for a game I couldn't even finish!!!!

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Total Letdown...

posted by Shneaky (MANTACHIE, MS) Mar 29, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

30 out of 46 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

[Caution-This Review Contains Spoilers]

I am a huge, HUGE Dragon Age Origins fan and was extremely excited about the sequel's release. Unfortunately, Bioware took everything I loved about the first game and either removed it or changed it for the worse.

First of all, if you're going to put "old favorites" from the first game in the sequel PLEASE do not change their appearance. I know getting the same voice actors might be problematic but WHY change the appearance of Anders?? I was so sad to see what they did to this great character with great potential. He was made uglier but worst of all, his hilarious personality was completely gone! I get that people change over time but he was utterly bland! All the characters' personalities were rather bland in my opinion, but poor Anders got totally rehashed into someone I didn't even care about. I didn't want a goofy Alistair remake, but come on, give these characters some likability and real emotion. Not blah blah blah here's my story but why should you care because I'm dull and boring.

The romances were also bland compared to the first game. And WHY is everyone bisexual? That also ruined Anders's character for me. Remember this..."All I want is a pretty girl and the right to shoot lightning at fools."? Apparently pleasing the masses means more to Bioware than keeping true to characters and keeping them realistic people. I have nothing against homosexuality (I love that aspect of the game) but not EVERYONE is bisexual!

As for gameplay, DA2 is (as others have said) pretty much hack and slash. I personally preferred the previous game's system. Gone is customization...gone is fun conversations with party members at my whim...arrived are Flemeth's old, yet magically perky boobs. And I was SICK of Kirkwall after just the first hour.

On its own, DA2 is an "okay" game. If you're like me and your favorite part of Origins were the characters and the story, you'll likely have the same feelings as me on this rush-job sequel.

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Mediocre at best

posted by MrHarrilasagna (GOOSE CREEK, SC) Mar 24, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

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What a joke this game turned out to be. I'm a huge fan of the RPG genre. However, I did not play the DA:Origins so I can't compare the two. Too busy with Sacred:2 at the time. So i figured, why not try out DA:2. In retrospect, I should have stayed clear of this game. For a story driven game it lacks tremendously in that specific area. Completing Mass Effect 2 and dead Space 2 right before playing this title probably didn't help. As I found myself mashing the skip button during dialogue sequences by the beginning of Act 2. The stories conflict constantly and make no sense whatsoever at certain points. The game-play is lackluster in every way. With a clunky interface, having to constantly having to completely pause the game in order to change weapons, armor, amulets, rings and belts. The level designs feel completely rushed. As you play the same general 4 level's over and over and over. There's absolutely no challenge whatsoever in the game-play. Finding a good Item is as simple as walking up to a random crate or chest in the middle of a city hub. You have the same odds to find something good for your character whether you fight a ten minute battle with a dragon or walk ten steps into any main city and open a sack or crate off in the corner. The money system is completely unbalanced. Special merchants trying to charge 20 hours worth of game-play earned gold for an item barely on par with your characters current level. Basically the game wants you to spend all the money you earned playing the last 20 hours. For something that will be obsolete in the following 2 hours of game-play. There's just absolutely no meat on the bones of DA:2. I would compare the entire experience to the likes of Too Human. The only truly positive thing I can say about DA:2 is the cool unlockables you acquire for having already played Dead Space:2 and Mass Effect:2 and registering them at the bioware website using your EA account.

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