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Rush Job, and it shows

posted by MacTruck (IOWA CITY, IA) Mar 15, 2011

Member since Jan 2007

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I really enjoyed Dragon Age Origins and was looking forward to the sequel. The streamlining of the inventory and combat systems didn't bother me too much, but the repetition of the level design and many bugs were disappointing.

You will fight through the same dungeons, warehouses, and outdoor environments at least 5-10 times each, just with slight modifications like doors suddenly filled with concrete or blocked by rubble to contain you to one part of the map. The enemies as well are mostly repeated over and over throughout the game, and without the life-bar showing you'd never see any difference between say a weak Templar or a Lieutenant Templar with 5 times as much HP.

The lack of effort in level design and enemy hordes are even worse considering the potential this game had to show off Bioware's typically great writing and story. Each of the party members in your group have fully-explained histories and sidequests to explore, and it's fun to see how the Origins story lines are threaded through this new game.

There was one MAJOR plot point that I hated following the Dark Roads Expedition, but I can't complain too much without spoiling it. I cannot believe that I got more fanfare and celebration from finding a mushroom in a cave than I did when the life of my sister and family was changed forever. It really stuck out as an example of how this game seemed unfinished and rushed.

The bugs on PS3, even following the major patch, were present throughout the game and made a few sections unplayable. There are continuous problems with screen tearing and texture pop-in during both gameplay and cutscenes. Twice the game froze completely on the same conversation with Anders and I was forced to reboot my PS3 and load an earlier save to progress. At the end of the game I also had bizzarre problems with party members fighting invisible enemies off-map and after the credits rolled the game dumped me back to the beginning of the last boss fight. Very Poor QC!

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GF Rating


Complete waste of money

posted by Sir_Freddrick (ROHNERT PARK, CA) Jul 6, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I had recently bought this game on pre-order and was expecting the BEST! Considering all Origins has done thought this would be better. All wrong as soon as I hit the first town I was excited to hit the next one, but wait what's this? You're stuck in the ONE town the WHOLE time! Not to mention the caves, if you look inside they're all the SAME! They just shut a few doors! Not to mention the equipment! If you get a totally awesome piece of equipment for a mage and your a warrior it useless! It's only good for a shiny penny because your party wont take it! Also the whole let's make some runes on this sword it will be fire! Nope it just says fire damage it doesn't glow red in flames like Origins! I mean why take that out that was one of the great parts! And lastly why you shouldnt get the game is.....You're HUMAN! That is your only pick! Your Human or Human. You don't get to be a Dwarf, Elf, etc. like in Origins. In my opinion DO NOT get this game go for Origins it's a lot better, maybe even spring for the Mac or PC version you can get even more quests, equipment, etc through user generated equipment!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Worth The Time.

posted by Brainberry (HAYWARD, CA) Mar 12, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

30 out of 44 gamers (68%) found this review helpful

Every modification to the gameplay and structure of Dragon Age II is a clear improvement over the previous game. The combat is more responsive and bloody, you don’t need to fight the inventory system anymore, and conversations are more engaging thanks to the adapted Mass Effect wheel. There are downsides though; the semi-linear story and repetitive environments have a negative effect on what is otherwise a great role-playing game. Despite these complaints, Dragon Age II is a great RPG, not as good as the first but leaps and bounds better then most.

Pros: Good Story, Awesome Characters, Fast Paced Combat, Pretty Graphics

Cons: Simplified Combat, A lot of questing in the same area, I hate hearing Serah and so will you

Verdict: I love it but i know its not for everyone. Rent it first if youre new to the genre. Buy it if youre not.

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