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Dragon's Lair Trilogy!!!!

posted by kgd1974 (NEW HAVEN, KY) Dec 11, 2010

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This game brought me back to the days at the arcade!!!! I must have spent thousands of quarters on this game when I was a kid! If you loved this game when you were a kid, you gotta check it out! It has the Dragon's Lair game we all loved with all the great scenes you remember. It also has Dragon's Lair 2 Time Warp and Space Ace included so you really get 3 games for the price of one!! This is an awesome buy! If you can't beat the game on your own, you can watch all the games to the end to see what you are missing. I give this game a 9!!! Go and get it today!

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Not Interested in Taking Residence in this Lair

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 13, 2010

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Back in 1984, Dragon’s Lair was a game that was meant to revolutionize the experience by having the player play in a cartoon as Dirk the Daring in his quest to save Princess Daphne. How? By moving the joystick in a certain direction(s) an/or hit the sword button (aka the 2 button). Hit the right commands at the right time and Dirk will get through the traps and monsters of the game. Back in 1984, it was a great arcade game because it was simple and it only costs one or two quarters for three Dirks.
But some arcade games make for lousy console games - even when the two version are exactly the same.
Even with the addition of Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp and Space Ace (there is no Dragon’s Lair 3 here), this compilation can’t overcome the biggest obstacle that many arcade-to-console games face: lacking content.
Each of the three games has about ten minutes worth of material in them, for a total of half an hour.
That‘s it - there are no additional features or content provided - just the three games.
They want us to pay up $30 for this?
It’s not like they tried to add shelf life to the title with underhanded tricks in Time Warp. The checkpoints are few and far between, and you have to collect several treasures along the way. Miss a treasure, and you have to go back to near the beginning and go through many of the levels all over again.
For me, being forced to play a section of the game dozens of times over doesn’t make a game fun; it makes it frustrating. Besides, I can just watch the game play itself and save a lot of time and headaches.
Dragon’s Lair Trilogy should’ve been a downloadable game, and not a retail game selling for $30. SKIP IT.

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Above Average

A classic that's best rented not bought

posted by gamerantah (MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA) Dec 2, 2010

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The games are simple enough, push the button at the right time and memorize the pattern. An easy difficulty is included which indicates which button to push and the addition of infinite lives makes this playable. There's also a watch mode (you can't enjoy the animation while you are playing).

If, like me, you never got very far in the arcade versions, this is a nice rental to try out. There's no extra content and it's too expensive to be a worthwhile purchase.

Others mentioned that Dragon's Lair III is not included but there never was an official third release. III is a rehash of Dragon's Lair 3D. This package is better off without it.

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