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Real Nice!!!!!

posted by Sandra050409 (HOUSTON, TX) Jul 5, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

This game is great if your a RPG beginner!

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A great and unique action rpg

posted by lc2489 (GARFIELD, NJ) Jun 25, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Dragons dogma is something that amazingly everyone likes while I am sure some just got it for the resident evil 6 demo at first, (which was part reason i got it) I also have a ps3 and cant get the demo till september. This game I figured would be good but i did not know how good. I have grown up playing many RPGs. Just to name a few, final fantasy, Phantasy star, shining force, and straight to kingdom hearts, elder scrolls,

Yes I know there are a lot more and i have played those are just some off the top of my head I even have the most recent rpg besides dragons dogma, Kingdoms of amalur reckoning which i am still playing alonside this.

there is one thing i want to say though this game is challenging in some ways cheap with glitches but most ways being just fair. If you are not the type to experiment and fight a challenge constantly this game may not be for you.

What I mean is like I like to play and encounter enemies then face the challenging boss but then the game eases with the minor enemies. NOT THIS GAME, this game even a simple group of bandits can take you out if you try rushing in unprepared. I would say this game is as hard as demon's souls but I dont think this is. The hardest part bout this game is you only have ONE save slot so if you do something and game auto saves thats that.

Still though to me thats what gives this game its own identity and thats y I enjoy it if you dont mind the challenging aspect of the game, some backtracking, and a few bugs, you will find some great boss encounters great customization options and a great new concept which I am sure everyone has heard bout the pawn system

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Great Potiental the game

posted by croy10067 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jun 4, 2012

Member since Jun 2010

I love this game the second I put it in but it does ware as time goes on. The games story is very basic which is "Dragon steal heart,killlll" and they you just adventure from there. The combat system is probably the best I seen in any rpg since you get to climb the monsters and pick people up. Like said by many reviewers the pawn ai is not the best but they do provide decent advice but they won't shut the heck up. I see that there is noooo lip syncing at all they are just flaps and the character models are very basic but it is ok. Although the character models are very undetailed this game is beautiful. I say rent it and try it for your self

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