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Availability: Low - For a God Reason!

posted by AndyB (GRANGER, IA) Jul 12, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

Since this game came out the availability has been low, ve low, and on nce Available Now and it was only for about an hour or two. The reason being is because this game is extremely fun and addicting. Highly customizable and rarely seen in an open world RPG, action packed. A lot of the negativity comes from the poor story, but keep in mind Capcom isn't really a RPG veteran, but trust me story is a big deal in RPG's when thy play like normal RPG's, but in Dragon's Dogma the combat alone will distract you from caring about the reasons you're even in battle. The other con is fast travel, I get this, but with me it wasn't a big deal. Because I rarely use fast travel in say, Skyrim, I LOVE to just journey around as my custom warrior and such. To me it adds to the experience, it would've been nice, but I could care less. I think one of the biggest pros for the game besides intense combat, is the pawn system. This is in my opinion the best way to answer an RPG's co-op system. They're just as customizable as your character, they will assist you and even learn. If you hire someone else's pawn and they know a monster's weakness, they will tell you and you can have the advantage. Your pawn can be hired too of course, so when you wake up to play, you could have some money waiting for you. It's very cool and in ways advanced.

Great game, it's a definite rent if you like RPG's or just fun combat involving swords, arrows, and magic. I say a BUY if you can and don't mind the very minor cons. I bought mine just minutes into the demo from Glyde. Excited to play even more.

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best RPG out right now

posted by gamester300 (WHITESBURG, TN) Jul 12, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

very detailed game an amazing storie great ending i would play it again and again if my prego gf would let me

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Almost Perfect...

posted by Gotti9410 (WILMINGTON, NC) Jul 9, 2012

Member since Oct 2004

I love video games, and for a large part, game like Skyrim and Dragon Age.. that being said, this game is almost a perfect mix of both of them.

It started a little clumsy perhaps, took some getting used to (never been threatened by a wolf before), but once you figure out the basic play of the game, it can be very fun and rewarding.

There's still plenty of leveling up and treasure looting, and customizing armor, weapons, spells, perks, visual style... you Pawn is basically another you that helps you and other players online to help gaining a certain kind of XP.

The monsters, while tough, are incredible, taking the Snake, then Goat off a chimera while jumping on it's back and slicing away at the Lions face.. spells being cast by your Pawn from a distance.. it's truly an amazing game.

While I could say there were a few things I missed, like Fast Travel, and (Waiting) to pass the time, it becomes more difficult to travel at night, and you must remember to carry a lantern and oil.. and it would've been an easier, faster game to complete if those were included.. but without them, you get a real sense of what it'd be like to be in the character's shoes.

All in all, this was one of the most fun adventures I've ever been on with my Playstation, and would suggest it to anyone that is interested. This game was AMAZING.

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