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GF Rating

Really Bad

not such a great game

posted by fightclub1 (SHEFFIELD LAKE, OH) Jul 25, 2012

Member since Apr 2009

cant figure out what the big deal is about this game. I quit playing it after a few hours. A few hours of doing nothing but running and dying and listening to the on-going rambling of my pawns. Drove me crazy.If you want a GREAT game, play skyrim.

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GF Rating


Better than expected!

posted by Boat72 (NEW RICHMOND, WI) Jul 23, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

After reading/watching the reviews for Dragon's Dogma, I wasn't expecting much. But, I have been pleasantly surprised to say the least! Yes, there are a few minor glitches here and there but on the whole it's a great game. The graphics are beautiful and the scale of the game is impressive. The voice acting can be a little cheesy, but still pretty decent. The only thing I've found kind of irritating are the "pawns" that you can have accompany you on your journeys. When gathering ingredients or items you find on your way, they tend to get in your way and try to take them before you have a chance. They also often ramble on about irrelevant things (though you can choose to have them talk less). But despite these minor irritations, you almost have to have them with you. It can get rather challenging without them if you're not leveled up properly. Preparation is huge too - a lot of forethought is needed and a large amount of time can be spent upgrading armor, weapons, health potions, etc. so that you don't die immediately when wandering about. It's very Skyrim-esque, just not nearly as polished. I would recommend this game to any of my friends and I plan on purchasing this game in the near future. Enjoy!!

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GF Rating


I be placed in a bewilderment...

posted by fainsur (HOUSTON, TX) Jul 23, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Large danger-field environment that keeps the player on edge--especially at night, which truly is dark and deadly.

DD fundamentally lacks a compelling basis as a modern day RPG. It's old-school but not in a fashionably Dark Souls/Demon Souls way.

The story lacks brilliance.

The majority of the main quests are provided by 2 people while the side-quests are randomly uninteresting and irrelevant to the main quest.
The only side quest that links to a main quest, which made the quest worthwhile, was gathering a tome for a non-powerful mage who comes to aid you during a griffin fight.

I can assign my Arisen a voice but he doesn't speak and we could have assumed he/she would at least when commands such as Go, Come, or Help are initiated, instead my pawns talk instead and too much!

You have to set up fast travel mostly during your 2nd playthrough for the entire map.

There are no horses but with a combination of an Assassin's vocation, the Gale Harness ability, and Liquid Vim items, you can quickly set up the fast travel system.

Forgeries don't hold magical properties which makes me ask is this a RPG as in role-playing or realistic-playing game?

Pawns and affiliations with random people you meet that lack livelihood, interest, or understanding of character filled holes.

The Rift and Pawn enlistment, while it's an unique addition to the game that ties into the story, became quite boring as the same benefit could have been received from making 3 additional characters to develop from the start. Pawns became more of a hassle as there would be constant switching to keep your party at the same level.

Hybrid vocations are not accessible to Pawns.

Gran has more Pawns than people.

Texture design is semi-horrible for a modern RPG.

Opening music doesn't fit the game.

Overall, DD had a weak thought process on story, design and individual character interest. 2 more years and it would be a great game.

Not worth buying unles

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