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Another Chance to be The One

posted by Dukblowz (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Jul 27, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

Dragon's Dogma is a delightful romp through a faux medieval universe ripe for the plucking if you happen to be a giant dragon. A colossal undertaking this game, weeks poured into its objective, seeking out the one great beast that touches down in an intro and wreaks havoc untold!

I awake, a mere peasant, a fisherman, a laborer washed ashore on the small waterside village south of the capital. My loin in despair, my clothes tattered from a haggard run-in with a vile beast. My instincts are to take a dip in the cool waters lapping the nearby dock only to quickly succumb to a most horrible brine!

Once I gather my feet and trudge through the early tasks at hand, I come upon the soulless entity called pawn. Neither friend nor companion, these grave combatants make for curious bed fellows and travel party, but alas without their help I would quickly fall to the vile monsters roaming the country side.

Soon, I and my trusty party, make for the roads travelling among the forests and rivers searching for treasure and sustenance! My first task is to deliver flowers! Somehow, stricken with a most horrible case of muteness, my character slowly drifts into focus as each NPC after the next lay claim to my shallow wit. I am a blank canvas for which they lay claim to the story as I spend hours building up to something I have seemed to forgot.

The end comes as slowly as the rest, after a brief tussle with the duke over his lady the repercussions of which I never really heed. I am only tasked to go forth even further into the lion's den, note that lion has both a snake and lamb attached as well.

The dragon proves difficult, yet passable now that my pawns are mighty and my blade is strong. After a brief fake out I am pronounced king of the world! What that means apparently is just walking around the same couple of towns only invisible, how dire!

The game proved a most effective as a time dump a summer spent trudging along waiting for the next slash of the monster claw

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its ok but clearly it not as good as skyrim

posted by chilo (EL CENTRO, CA) Jul 26, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

I was bored throughout the time i began playing this game. The plot is just simply not interesting. I came in with hope that i might get addicted like i was in skyrim but to no avail. The only upside to this game was that it had plenty of action and you could switch vocations whenever you wanted to. I was just disappointed in the game because i wanted a game i could play for hours and enjoy it but it was the opposite the more i played the more i got bored of it. So to recap this is 100% not as good as Skyrim

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Don't Bother

posted by OntoSumthingNew (MIRAMAR, FL) Jul 25, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

This game is garbage rent Elders Scroll instead.

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