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Terrible everything

posted by chocoboRum (GALVESTON, TX) Aug 8, 2012

Member since Nov 2009

I just paid $17 just to get a chance to play Dragon's Dogma, solely for this game, after being off Gamefly for half a year. I heard it was like Dark Souls, but much bigger and with a story and quests. Man was I so wrong!

The first thing that broke the game for me was the graphics. It literally looks like a blurry PS2 game. Actually most PS2 games are sharper looking than this. There are permanent black bars on the top and bottom, and everything is so blurry and muddy I thought I had screwed up the video settings or my PS3 was broken. Nope! I thought I was going blind because it was so blurry and unfocused. Even the text is blurry. The graphics themselves are no better than budget fare, with really bad animations. The story is terrible, dialogue and grating pawn chatter is terrible and has a highly degraded audio sound, popping objects and clipping everywhere, menu system is terrible, combat is repetitive and has no impact.

For a game Capcom boasts as being their biggest staffed in development, this is worse than disappointing, it should've never existed in the first place. No amount of R&D can fix it. Need to start from scratch. I can't believe Capcom could create something so terrible.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very Good Game!

posted by DECENDENT (FIELDS LANDING, CA) Aug 6, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

If you are looking for a compelling story well this is not your game but if you enjoy a challenge and love exploring then BAM we got you covered! The fighting in this game is very nice and rewarding. Dragons Dogma has 9 classes each with its perks and faults but the best part is you can take some parts of each class when you decide to change class to make a ultimate player. The music and voices could have been worked on a bit more but that does not hinder the game really. Graphics are on the better side and to me i think they are done very well from the dark caves to the view from outside on a hill u get a sense of how large the world is and without a real fast travel you will find that you will be walking for some time. Overall this is a game worth buying to me being as it is pretty long and there are alot of things that can be done. Give it a try here then keep it!

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Best RPG...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Jul 30, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2003

Skyrim is cool, but sometimes... You just feel like a nerd playing it. This title isn't like that. Dragon's Dogma, reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls, but with a lot more game elements placed into it.

You play as the Arisen.
Awakening up from a dream, you go outside to find a Dragon attacking the village. You Challenge the dragon and the dragon rips your heart out. A entity comes to you--a pawn... The Pawn is from a drifting world that entangles around reality of the world. The Pawn tells you, you are the "Arisen" : A Legendary figure that once was thought a fairy tale. Your quest to find and slay the dragon to remove the curse has started for you.

Capcom has made a brilliant game. They designed it very well and gave you all sorts of choices to make inside the RPG. Not choices where you select dialogue constantly, but your playing style, and how destructive you are.
The coolest game element is the ability to jump and climb up top of massive monsters and hack off parts of the monster. You then can take those pieces back to town and sale them or use them in crafting potions or tools for you.
The companion system that Skyrim gives you... Capcom implements a new kind of side-kick, buddy, companion system. You create your side-kick from the get-go. You select their skills and personality, and the AI learns and reacts to HOW you play. Very smart. Your pawn also wonders into others' games, online.

Most of the "problems" aren't really problems, but I wish I had a horse or something to get from point a to b, OFTEN.
The game world isn't small, and if you are out past night, you wont see all around you, but only a slight distance in front of you--unless you have a lantern. Other monsters come out at night and its even easier to get lost.
You can fast travel but you have to buy an ingame Ferrystone and its one time use ensures you only use it IF you need to.

Capcom did an outstanding job and for a just starting RPG, its perfect.

Rent it

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