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Above Average

Alright to pass the time.

posted by atoosay (NORTHRIDGE, CA) Oct 23, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

This game will last you a very long time. The problem I had was that there are so many side quests that you have to do in between the main quests in order to proceed with the story. It doesn't indicate with side quest will lead you to proceed with the story. Also there are so many twist and turns on the map that you think you're going the right way but its a dead end and you have to go all the way back. The positive is that its fun to pass the time. I lasts roughly 50 hours and you can change your pawns and add new skills.

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GF Rating


Sometimes frustrating, but still fun

posted by ravendas (FORT LEE, VA) Oct 22, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

It's easy to see Dragon's Dogma as a Skyrim wanna-be. the graphics and much of the gameplay is very similar to the Elder Scrolls franchise. However, there are a few elements, both good and bad, that make it a unique game on it's own.
First, the concept of pawns, which are essentially of which is a permanent party member, two others can be switched out at runestones...has it's ups and downs. It's nice having help when you're traipsing through the world, but their endless, reptitive chatter ("Yes, pawn, I know that's a big say that everytime we pass it") along with sometimes quirky AI can be annoying at times. I also like the online concept of it since it provides you with a huge variety of pawns to choose from, and allows your main pawn to gain items and experience adventuring with other players.
There are a ton of side quests you can do along with the main quest. However, you will want to consult a strategy guide often because of the way some quests are set up. For example, in order to get Awesome Weapon A, you need to do quest B which leads to quest C which gets you access to the item from merchant D. But, quest A MUST to be done before Main Storyline Quest F or the merchant leaves (or the dungeon isn't accessible, or something else) and the quest line can't be completed. Or, in other cases, you have to obtain someone's favor through a quest and if you don't get their full favor, you can't move on. Which leads me to my other huge issue with this game...
...the lack of multiple save points. In this game you have one character, one save...period, that's it. And even if you say "I'm going to save before this quest just in case I fail it, so I can go back and do it again", that doesn't work because it autosaves after you failed which overrides your save.
Overall, the graphics are good, the gameplay's worth a shot, but definitely a rental. I could write much more, but have run out of my 2,000 characters. ;)

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GF Rating


Getting Pickier Every Year

posted by GamingKong (Cookeville, TN) Oct 19, 2012

Member since Nov 2005

I can no longer stand substandard games, my expectations are too high. I gave this about 30 minutes before putting it back in the mailbox.

Boring, Repetitive, Standard Hack, Slash, and Bash.

I'm willing to say I didn't give it enough of chance, but the first 10 minutes didn't do anything for me and then the remaining 20 minutes sealed it's fate.

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