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GF Rating

Very Good

Combat intense!

posted by melonbling (CENTERVILLE, UT) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

The first prologue battle will set the hook and then the fun starts. The game has the standard RPG classes, but then takes it a step further into hybrid classes. i.e. a Mystic Knight that wears plate and casts spells or a Magic Archer that combines a bow with the arcane. You quickly obtain a Main Pawn that will be your NPC companion throughout the game. You can select your pawns class that will best compliment your own play style and then 'hire' two other pawns to complete your group. Most RPG gamers have a set class they prefer, but the awesome combat mechanics will have you watching your Pawns and thinking that scaling the monster looks like fun. The main quest will keep pushing you into combat that strains your abilities, and occasionally abuses you like a red-headed step-child. So the combat environment cranks it all the way up to 11.
With that said, now the parts that aren't so great. The plot isn't horrible, but you have to watch cut scenes where your character looks weak and terrified the entire game. The quests are a bit vague and you might find out that you are completely out of your league during the first run through. As your character levels and gains better equipment, the battles become easier and by the time you do the NG+ you are a titan abusing third-graders in the playground. They have tried to make an 'ultimate battle' with the online Ur-Dragon. But they made the hit point mechanics so complicated that 1) you don't even dent his HP bar in the 8 minute encounter, 2) you might quickly jump back into another encounter only to discover that his HP has actually increased, 3) and the best gear only drops if you make the killing blow. I leveled my Sorcerer to 200 (cap) and I could kill the offline Ur-Dragon in about 2 mins, but I never managed to login when the online Ur-Dragon was even close to dead. So the first play-through is awesome, but you plateau quickly (that's when I recommend switching classes). So it's definitely worth a rental

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GF Rating

Above Average

I just couldn't get into it

posted by ceejay11 (RENO, NV) Nov 8, 2012

Member since May 2010

I like RPGs but I just couldn't get into this game. The plot was weak, the graphics were mediocre, but what ruined it for me was the menu system. You have all these badly laid out menus to equip your character, use items, etc. They're hard to read and navigate and they just started bugging me on top of an already weak game. I lost interest.

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GF Rating


would totally buy it or AT LEAST rent it

posted by jcarlos107 (SANFORD, FL) Nov 2, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

This game is great! I loved it! I held on to it for 2 months. I could've flipped it in a couple of days but school and work blah blah. ANYWAY it's great you should rent it.

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