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alot like skyrim and enjoyable

posted by peterce1111 (EAST LONGMEADOW, MA) Nov 29, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

dragon's dogma seems to about you (the player) living in this village. then suddenly a dragon attacks and you attempt to challenge him, fail because your not strong enough and some how this dragon takes your heart. I have no clue how you survive this because you should b dead when your heart is taken, but you the player have to find this dragon and get your heart back.

as far as the game goes, I do find it enjoyable and fun. it definitely is like skyrim and just as fun as skyrim. this game is definitely worth a rent. the game seems to show good quality, graphics and gameplay. I have a strider and I can use a bow and two daggers which I think is awesome.

love this game so much!

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jsut ignore the few bad reviews and try it for

posted by zlariviere20 (WOONSOCKET, RI) Jul 20, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

yourself my oppinon towards the game is the opposite of those few bad reveiws and really like that guy not likeing this game from the start becuase he saw the capcom logo so he singled otu every little bad thing he could after that jsut to make it seem like a terrible game and its not that it was bad in general it is bad in the way he personally didnt like it but i did

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Thar be dragons... well, may just one.

posted by RandomFellow (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Jun 6, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I was pleasantly surprised with this little action-RPG. Imagine Fable 2 and monster hunter had a baby and forced it to play tabletop D&D, and you'd get pretty close to this.
Dragon's Dogma is basically a free world rpg Not particularly my cup of tea, BUT (and this is a big butt. Er, big but I mean) the game play and character development make this one incredibly addictive. There are quit a few unique classes to play as (and they can be switched to at the drop of hat, and each class has there own special unique abilities which are darn fun to just watch the animation. Heck, every ability in the game is impressive to watch. I mean, watching you character stab a thief with a 9 foot sword and then throw him 10 feet in the air it just good family fun.
Now there are some issues you might wanna be aware. One is that the world is HUGE. Feels as big as Skyrim. This I actually loved. Tons of random areas to explore and pillage. Unfortunately, there's only way to travel without hopping it, sort of a town call scroll, but these are rare , can only be used once, and have a limited number in the world.
And if you were expecting a grand story right off the bat, you're in for a treat. The razorblade in a caramel apple kind. The main story is quite slow going, giving more emphasis on side quests. But these are interesting enough on there own rights.
And the last thing you might wanna know about are the pawns. You can hire three comrades that are devode of free will of their own (pawns of course) and do anything you tell them. The pawns do not require payment. I dunno if its just me, but they come off as sort of self proclaimed slaves..
Not even to mention the fact you can lend your main pawn to other players as well. When done, they return with gifts from the player who borrowed them. All I'm missing is my pimp cane and hat.
All said and done, dragon's dogma it definitely worth a try, especially if you've always wanted to scale a Cyclops and poke him in the eye with your fi

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