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Very Good

It's fresh, it's amazing, it's Dragon's Dogma!!!!!

posted by Sweedie (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) May 22, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

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Dragons Dogma is a great game, unfortunately the story is not, if you're looking for a RPG with a great story this is not your game. The majority of quests just aren't interesting.

If you're looking for a RPG with great combat, this is it! Dragons Dogma has some of the greatest combat I've ever seen in an RPG, at times it reminds me alot of Shadows of colossus. You start out with 3 classes:Fighter, strider, and mage, but within a few hours you will unlock tons of classes that are mixes of two classes together, for instance, mystic knight (mage and warrior). I have to mention, the spells in this game are amazing, I've never seen a game that makes playing a mage, or sorcerer feel like you're such a boss, while still being a challenge. It's really easy to change between classes if you want to mix it up too. Customization is deep in this game, there's so many different appearances too.

There is NO multiplayer in Dragon's dogma, however they have this thing called pawns(followers) that you can borrow from other players, but you will always have one specific pawn that always follows you. Pawns help a lot because Dragon's Dogma is NOT an easy game.

The game looks great, and there is a ton to explore, but if your curiosity takes you off the road danger waits ahead (love that). The game always gives you a feeling that when you're outside of town your in constant danger, especially when night falls because when it's night in DD it's actually night! It's hard to see and while spells can assist you, more dangerous monsters come out at night, and sometimes you don't even see them coming.

- Great combat, one of the best I've seen in RPG games
- Looks great!
- Free to explore
- Tons of customization
- Feels fresh
- Pawns
- Amazing boss fights

- Poor storyline
- Repetitive quests

While the story fails, everything else in in DD succeeds, the DMC and Resident Evil team really pulled it off!

8/10 toasts

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GF Rating

Very Good

Worth travelling to the land of Gransys?

posted by BrokenQuest (NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA) Jun 23, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

9 out of 12 gamers (75%) found this review helpful


Robotic NPC's. They wait at their spawn points for interaction with the player -- instead of NPC's that react and interact with the world (ie SKYRIM). In DD you will never see your enemies fighting each other.

Loot distribution. DD has distributed loot across Gransys in old-style fighting game fashion -- chests, boxes, and coins find their way to every nook and cranny of the wilds instead of solely logical places like tombs, cabins, castles, etc. This "video game logic" of loot placement pulls one out of the world of Gransys and into something akin to say... GOLDENAXE.

Story. DD fails to deliver a compelling plot and there are a lot of mundane quests (main and side). If you're looking for an immersive storyline, go with SKYRIM, DRAGON AGE, etc. DD has an interesting beginning and end with little story meat in the middle.

Graphics. DD is a mixed bag. There are some beautiful landscapes mixed with generally mediocre character models (who never lipsink well!). Except for creatures, you never see anything graphically rivaling SKYRIM. At the same time, the art direction and character design of DD is very different from SKYRIM, and that can be a selling point for the Nord-weary.

Combat. Hacking, slashing, and crawling around on giant monsters never gets old. It's fast, furious, and treacherous. This is where DD shines... and puts SKYRIM to shame!

Pawns. Creating an ally who will join other people's games via internet, fight with them, get rated by them, and return with new loot, skills, and knowledge strangely addictive.

Danger. Few games can make you fear the coming of night or leaving a path. DD does just that. With true darkness, no consistently available fast travel, and an over-abundance of night time monsters, DD is often a race against the setting sun for safety. Exhilarating.

In the end, DD plays like a half-finished RPG with a great combat mechanic -- rough but still fun. High hopes for a DD2.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game with only some minor drawbacks

posted by Lifetime (CHARLOTTE, NC) May 29, 2012

Member since Dec 2009

13 out of 18 gamers (72%) found this review helpful

Great game, rented here and just kept it. For those that like RPGs with the freedom to explore you will enjoy this game. The Pawn system is great, and adds a new element to the RPG open world games.

- Fun, once you get past the first few levels and can actually fight something on your own, until then its like your the sidekick to the pawns.
- Pawns- You get to create your own, a slim down version of creating your main character, then you can recruit two others. The pawns allow you to customize your team a bit more than a lot of other games out there, and yours is getting recruited all the time (though they never actually leave you). I love getting the message that my pawn just returned from helping others after a trip to the inn.
- Explore - not on the same level of Skyrim, but they did a pretty good job with it, I really enjoy out manuevering the pawns and watching them run in circles trying to figure out how to catch up (turn your back long enough and they just show up though).
- Not stuck in on class - You can change classes which is a nice change to games that require you to pick one in the first place.

Fast travel is available for a price and only goes to one location (eventually two). No mode of transport other than walking/running, so the travel gets a bit old.

Not as open in the exploring content as I would like. It is better than games such as Dragon Age, but less than Skyrim, so good but not great.

All in all this is a great game, and has good replay value, highly recommend it.

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