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Dragons Dogma, where have you been?

posted by S0V3R3IGN (SAINT PETERSBURG, FL) Aug 26, 2012

Member since Jun 2010

I'll start out by saying, no this is not a revolutionary game. It is not truly a new experience in gaming. It is not the next Oblivion. What it is, is an extremely fresh RPG, akin to those I fondly remember playing back when achievements didn't exist and the graphics looked like they weren't "the most important part of the game."

The graphics are like a cleaned up original XBox game. And I love that. But not all of it, the character and mob models are fantastic, but the environments don't "pop" and I mean that in the best possible way. I was drowning in nostalgia the entire 20+ hour playthrough.

Some may consider the fact that there is zero fast travel to be a problem, but again, it's old school in my eyes. You have to run everywhere. Just get some stamina augments. S'fine.

The ONLY THING I really, REALLY didn't like was the fact that there is only ONE SAVE FILE. That is overwritten by autosaves! What the butt?! As soon as you make a choice. Boom. Set in STONE.

That's it though. So what? Beat it again to see the rest, I guess, haha.

This is beginning to run on, so I'll summarize the rest. The boss battles are incredible. The bosses have multiple health bars, and after a long fight, there's no feeling like finishing a dragon or cyclops off from the top of it's head. The class system is cohesive and each amalgamation of Fighter, Mage, and Rogue is fun and different. The Pawn system of hiring other real players' created followers to aid you in battle is fleshed out and great (if you have live or psn). And lastly, the story starts starts a bit slow but as it gets going your quests become sharp and rewarding as you figure them out. Blaaaagh.

I really liked this game, so I made it a mission to write a review on it. I've decided I'm buying it. Definitely give it a whirl if you miss when games were about the gameplay, and they weren't easy either.

Best game I've played all year.

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GF Rating


Loved it!

posted by cb4life (FARMINGTON HILLS, MI) Aug 21, 2012

Member since Nov 2010

Great Game loved the story loved the ending just an all round great game

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Above Average

Sub-Par plot ruins a great action RPG.

posted by apostrophil (COLUMBUS, OH) Aug 19, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Dragon's Dogma could have been a great game. It does a few things very well. The combat is very fun,very responsive, and (at times) very difficult. This is an action RPG with an emphasis on the action. The controls are responsive. There's little delay, abilities work just as the tool tips describe, and the controls are mapped in a very sensible way. It's also difficult. Whether you're wading into a group of Goblins or scaling the back of a Chimera death is always one misstep away. It's not as brutal as Dark Souls, but it does pose a good challenge. The class system is a treat. I was impressed with how differently each class played. Strider and Ranger may share some abilities, but combat strategy changes greatly when choosing one over the other. Things get even more interesting when choosing one of the hybrid classes. The Assassin, Magick Archer, and Mystic Knight all hold some of the benefits, and weaknesses, of two archetypes while adding new and exciting abilities and weapons to the equation. Where this game is lacking is the story. It felt to me like an action game disguised as an RPG. Things start off interesting and the stage is set for a compelling role playing experience. In the end it falls flat. Most of the game you'll find yourself wandering through the wilds killing monsters. The real question is why? Not long into the game I found myself wondering why the Goblins needed to slaughtered? Why did Mercedes need an escort to that fort? Why do I care if a family gets evicted from their lands? Many questions with few answers. I spent many many hours questing and killing, but none of it seemed to matter. Overall I would say this is a game worth playing. It's fun, it's difficult, and there are quests upon quests to keep one busy for hours. Just don't expect much in-game motivation to do so.

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