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What all RPG's should aspire to!!!

posted by Ravynheart (LOUISVILLE, KY) Oct 4, 2012

Member since Oct 2006

This game is beautiful! The graphics are superb! I have been playing RPG's since the early Final Fantasy games, and this one is most certainly a breath of fresh air.

You play the Arisen. One who has fought THE dragon, and has 'arisen', from the brink of death to hunt the dragon down.

Within the first few minutes of actually creating your character, you fight the dragon. And this is not some little monster that looks like a dragon, but is close to your size. No. They went ALL OUT! This dragon is full size! You walk up next to it and you are the same size as its CLAW. Yes, you are an 'ankle-biter' to this dragon. And that is not the only fantastical creature in this game. And they have realistic proportions. Meaning you are quite often fighting things that you have to look UP to.

As I've said, the graphics on this game are crazy awesome. The controls are kind of tricky depending on what vocation(class) you choose. I've played as a strider(archer), and a mage, and there is a large list of special attacks you can choose from, for any vocation. From the simple fireball, to knocking your foe out of the park, to raining storms of arrows down on them. All done without any lag or framerate problems.

I will admit that some of the special attacks don't seem to hit as hard as they probably should, and yet others are almost overkill. But the game does have a way of balancing itself out. You can kill hordes of creatures only to walk into the wrong part of the forest and have a mage destroy you as if you are wet tissue paper.

The missions, from what I understand, come in two categories. Pre-planned, story/side missions. As well as unplanned, random, side missions. Which truly do seem random, like never before.

I could write a book on the things I enjoy about this game, but I only have 2000 characters. So I will have to leave you with this. If you are a real-time RPG fan looking for something fresh and enjoyable. Give this game a try. You'll probably keep it just

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GF Rating

Very Good

Unexpected Classic Delight in a Small Package

posted by claclaclaudius (SANTA CRUZ, CA) Oct 4, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

Very enjoyable with highly recommended rewarding replay value! Dragon's Dogma shines as a subtle wonder of a game. Character/Pawn/Avatar customization alone is enough to eat up hours of gameplay time for the more imaginative. Greatest strengths: the general combat physics, believable gorgeous choreographed movements of characters in game, colossal amazing monsters, and fast pace of action...A diverse range of possibilities to explore with character customization and skill development, and it meets the bare minimum of requirements off the starting block to qualify itself as stylishly executed RPG. No clunk here...streamlined immersion into the high paced simplistic combat emphases typical to less immersive Capcom games burns bright here. I say "bare minimum" because the game felt small in size and short in duration for an RPG. Combat, customizable player classes, and the "Pawn" system open up a strategic supportive social element to online play unusual to RPG's of this sort. Giant Monster Attack and Farming/EasterEggHunt/SideQuests for accumulation of items, weapons, armor, XP and such keeps players engaged even if the main storyline is too short, and though much of the delivery of the story seemed at times a bit subdued, and arguably underdone, and many of the characters generally speaking unmemorable, the game certainly makes up for it with legendary combat, adrenaline charged soundtrack, subtle genius, and gorgeous character models/animation/ overall game quality. While rather small, the game world itself is beautiful, and the beasts epic and amazing!! Truly a work of art! Bravo!!! Well worth the rent!!

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dragons dogma

posted by rosahidalgo187 (beatty, NV) Oct 2, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

ok well this game was kind of boring. i had to use youtube for help on were to go and what to do. i would not recommend this game to anyone.

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