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Its Ok

posted by myron1990 (ROME CITY, IN) Nov 1, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I bought this game when it first came out its cool that you can jump on the big monsters and swing at them. You have to make sure you do quite a bit of the side quest instead of just the main quest because at a point your thrown into another world and have to fight a beholder and after sinking 30 some hours in this game going on mostly the main quest i was thrown into the beholder and could not defeat it or even come close and theres no way to leave that area untill its dead so after 15 or more tries I had to restart my game and start over. Besides that sometimes on certain quest the quest helper does not help because it will be in the total wrong area. But all in all this IS a good game for Capcom and id recommend renting this game but dont suggest you buy it.

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Just....So bad.

posted by QuincyMcdermick (MACOMB, MI) Oct 29, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

First off, I'm a HUGE RPG/Fantasy fan, and I was so excited to play this game. The boss fights look incredible, but that doesn't make up for how bad this game really is. With no fast travel and limited stamina, it takes easily 20 mins to get back anywhere in the game. The graphics are comparable to play station 2 graphics, and most of the time the facial expressions look awful. The thing that really brought my urine to a boil was the lack of auto save. You get killed in seriously 3 hits, and you have to restart the entire dungeon over again.
Not fun, avoid this game.

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Dragons Dogma

posted by Qonscience (HAYMARKET, VA) Oct 28, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

I just want to say that this game had some very good ideas. It lost my attention after about an hour of play though. As soon as you jump into this game you will be joined by many allies. I love that in a game. I hate having to do everything on my own all the time like in other RPG's. It's nice for a change. But it really doesn't take away from the games difficulty. I'm not saying that this is a Dark Souls kind of hard. But within the hour i fought a tiger with a snake for a tail and a sheep growing out of it's back (not sure what significant role the sheep played, all I knew was that I had to kill it). Then I encountered a Dragon and I fought it with no armor and a rusty sword ( you are meant to lose this fight anyways). Then i was clobbered by a giant cyclops not too long after that. Now I am a totally competent gamer, I have been playing games for a long time. This game is not easy. Lets move on to how the menus are set up. This is one of those games that has a very complex menu system. So complex that it actually hurts the game in a way. At some times I just didn't even bother looking through my inventory because it would just take too much time to figure out what was what. If you are a completionist and are willing to dump a lot of hours into this game then go ahead and rent it. I don't want to sound like an idiot but this game would be a lot better if Capcom would just dumb it down a bit. Simplify the menu system, make following quests easier (by the way there is no waypoint system, good luck finding all those hidden objectives), and make the monsters a little bit easier to fight. If they made a Dragons Dogma 2, I would definitely give it another shot. Worth a rent.

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