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Bad game, don`t waste you time

posted by lantan (DALLAS, TX) Jan 14, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Wow really the worst game i have ever played.There are not many quest, they are not easy to find quest places.Useless map.You can go brig , but when you escape from brig,any guardian wont try to catch you, even , you can talk with them.Brig is big fail in this game.After going brig, you expected to find you equipment at somewhere.The game is enough to just check you inventory.So expensive and hard "fast transport" on map, i never do that and i walked through all map ,same beasts were waiting for me at same places, they are infinity number.If you wait at same places, they will spawn again and again and again.This game is so boring game.

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Dragon's Frustration

posted by Rambozo (WALWORTH, WI) Jan 14, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

Falls short on so many aspects as other reviews mention. One must really fall in love with the pawn system. The rest of the game is boring, challenging grinding where the enemies spawn in the same places, running back and forth over the same areas, with the pawns saying the same things..

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Above Average

Death Row Reviews - Dragon's Dogma

posted by GAMEING101 (ACKLEY, IA) Jan 10, 2013

Member since Nov 2010

The Good:
The pawn system (it's like having your own personal AI teammates & the main pawn you get is customizable and online you can trade them with other people)
The combat is fast and fluid think of devil may cry's gameplay in an action RPG plus their is so much verity in how you customize your character's play styles.
The boss battles are epic. You can do more than just slash away at the ankles of a gigantic monster; you can climb on bosses and then slash away.
Deep character customization/class options at the start of the game and beyond that like any RPG should.
The music

The Bad:
The pawns never shut up!
No fast travel and if you like no fast travel well you probably weren't expecting this game to be Oblivion or Skyrim size and is scarcely populated.
So expect that a good chunk of your time will be spent trekking from one side of the map all the way to another, facing the same group of enemies 5 or 10 times, while you're pawns can't stay quiet for five seconds could make anyone go insane.
There's barely any story and not like Dark Souls where it was subtle/symbolic there' barely any knowledge on what's exactly going on and that is the biggest issue with this game. You know sense it's sort of an RPG it's considered law for it to have a full, cohesive story/lore.
Pretty much no character development
There's only "ONE" save file! For an openworld, action RPG that encourages you to experiment giving us one save file isn't going to cut it.
Some essential RPG elements aren't here
Graphically it is impressive but most of the character models aren't that good, but if you don't care about graphics this shouldn't bother you.

Now these may turn you off to the game but the thing is it's fun. If you can suffer through all of the negatives the game's combat and boss battles help save this game. 6/10

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