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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by Rau1701 (SOMERSET, NJ) Feb 3, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

This was almost a decent game...if it wasn't for the glitches & some major design flaws. The biggest flaw being that you can't reload past games, you have to continue from where ever you left off...there's no going back. As for one of the many in the glitchfest...make sure you get yourself a love interest (it'd been nice if there was a clue to do that) or you'll get quite the surprise at the end. ((((SPOILER))) IF YOU KILL THE DRAGON, YOU FOREVER LIVE WITH ETERNAL DARKNESS & GLOOMY SKIES...sorry, I thought that was the point to these games, "kill the dragon, free the land...shiny" Apparently not in this game, you're basically punished for killing the dragon. I could go on...yes, there's that much more. I basically played it through due to boredom, I severely regret buying it. Live & Learn-

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GF Rating


Great Game

posted by Shadow9112283 (SAUK VILLAGE, IL) Jan 20, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I love the graphics and the free roam world. It has epic fight against Mythical creatures that just keeps you playing over and over again

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GF Rating

Very Good

7 Things You Should Know

posted by Eric61425812 (NEWARK, DE) Jan 15, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

1. This RPG has barely any plot. Going into the wild to fight monsters and gain loot is the point.

2. Play on EASY MODE. The game was designed for a grind-loving Japanese audience. Easy mode still allows for TONS of difficult battles, if that's what you want. Oh, and even though escort missions are available early- BEWARE- they often take you through areas that you aren't ready for.

3. I thought the Strider (daggers and bows) class was by far the most fun, but don't worry too much about choosing because changing class is allowed and encouraged.

4. It's strange for a loot game, but your party members (pawns) often don't pick up loot. It's irritating to have to pick up everything and then hand it out so you aren't too encumbered. So, create your own pawn with the Acquisitor trait to encourage him to grab that loot. When you recruit other pawns, you can search their profiles for the trait, too.

5. Your personal pawn levels up, but hired pawns don't, so don't forget to replace them. Oh, and anything a hired pawn is carrying when it is dismissed will go into the stockpile you can access at the inns.

6. Be wary when combining two items. You often end up with something worth less than either ingredient.

7. DO NOT DO WHAT I DID: Late in the game, right after I encountered the dragon, I went back into the castle to search for more loot. Unfortunately, this triggered a known bug that made the inn keeper in the capital city disappear. He was the only person I know of who let you change your class, and he was my main hub for items and everything. Oh, I also heard that you can take him on an escort mission and he can die that way. Probably better to skip that one.

A TIP: At one point, you will be asked to to attack a monster living in a tower. To get there, you will go through some barren canyons. It's much easier to go through that area during the day. Go in as night is falling, well prepared. It was the best part of the game.

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