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GF Rating


If you love the Fable series you'll love this game

posted by Voom65 (MENA, AR) Apr 18, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This game surprised me in so many ways! I love the fact that you can jump on a giant monster and hold on and stab them like crazy. The classes in this game are amazing. The spells and different variety of attacks you can do made this game amazing. Not only was the gameplay awesome, but the story was amazing. It has a huge twist at the end of the game with several different endings. I recommend this game to anyone!

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GF Rating


A Hidden Gem

posted by Ax3man (STATEN ISLAND, NY) Feb 19, 2013

Member since Dec 2009

Story: Can be difficult to follow at the times, since cutscenes give very little insight into the story. Side quests and conversations to various npcs become necessity if you want to understand the world. It picks up the phase at the second part of the game. Ending, on the other hand, is confusing and abundance of plot holes makes it incomplete.

Gameplay: Game evolves around feature to summon other player created NPCs (pawns). Since these pawn don't level up, there will always be necessity to hire more stronger pawns. Pawn AI is decent.
Combat on the other hand is amazing. You have 9 different vocations (classes) to choose from. Each class seems unique and fun to play. Furthermore, the game does not limit you to keep playing the same class. At any moment, you can change your vocation without penalties. This lets you to create some amazing combinations: you can build up HP while playing as warrior and then change vocation to mage. As result, you have great amount of health and can play more aggressive as a mage. There are some problems, though. Ranged classes are overpowered since some bosses are immune to magic or cannot be reached by melee attacks.

Graphics and sound: World is beautiful and believable. Art design reminds me of Demon's souls. Soundtrack, on the other hand, is unnoticeable. Main theme song makes absolutely no sense and does not fit the game.

Replayability: There is New Game+. You keep all the loot and level progress. Furthermore, you can modify your character and your pawn. You can also finish quests that you missed on the first playthrough (previous quests are saved). However, there is no increase in difficulty unless you download the patch from Capcom.

Worth mentioning:
- Second half of the game is amazing. When you think you have defeated the main boss, you gain access to Everfall. It has ridiculous amount of dungeons to explore and you can collect unique gear by defeating unique bosses.
- No fast travel (unless you use Ferrysto

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GF Rating


Grade A!!

posted by Groundiron (CORAL SPRINGS, FL) Feb 9, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

This is an excellent game with superb graphics, many would enjoy how the story-line partakes and is now my favorite adventure game!

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