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Very Good

It's fresh, it's amazing, it's Dragon's Dogma!!!!!

posted by Sweedie (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) May 22, 2012

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Dragons Dogma is a great game, unfortunately the story is not, if you're looking for a RPG with a great story this is not your game. The majority of quests just aren't interesting.

If you're looking for a RPG with great combat, this is it! Dragons Dogma has some of the greatest combat I've ever seen in an RPG, at times it reminds me alot of Shadows of colossus. You start out with 3 classes:Fighter, strider, and mage, but within a few hours you will unlock tons of classes that are mixes of two classes together, for instance, mystic knight (mage and warrior). I have to mention, the spells in this game are amazing, I've never seen a game that makes playing a mage, or sorcerer feel like you're such a boss, while still being a challenge. It's really easy to change between classes if you want to mix it up too. Customization is deep in this game, there's so many different appearances too.

There is NO multiplayer in Dragon's dogma, however they have this thing called pawns(followers) that you can borrow from other players, but you will always have one specific pawn that always follows you. Pawns help a lot because Dragon's Dogma is NOT an easy game.

The game looks great, and there is a ton to explore, but if your curiosity takes you off the road danger waits ahead (love that). The game always gives you a feeling that when you're outside of town your in constant danger, especially when night falls because when it's night in DD it's actually night! It's hard to see and while spells can assist you, more dangerous monsters come out at night, and sometimes you don't even see them coming.

- Great combat, one of the best I've seen in RPG games
- Looks great!
- Free to explore
- Tons of customization
- Feels fresh
- Pawns
- Amazing boss fights

- Poor storyline
- Repetitive quests

While the story fails, everything else in in DD succeeds, the DMC and Resident Evil team really pulled it off!

8/10 toasts

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GF Rating


Innovative but needs polish

posted by Orbitor (CARY, NC) Oct 31, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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The Good:
- Innovative "pawn" system for customizing you party
- Excellent combat
- Varied enemies and awesome bosses
- Lots to do

The Not so Good:
- So much running, fast travel is not easy to come by
- Quest aren't always clear on what to do
- Dull characters
- Story has potential but is poorly executed
- Inventory management
- Menus need to be consolidated and simplified

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Capcom takes a leap of faith.

posted by Sideshow (JACINTO CITY, TX) May 23, 2012

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Let me just start off by saying that this game is truly a work of art and unique in its own way. It may not have the greatest story line but what it does have have is quality gameplay and endless hours of exploration at your finger tips.

You can pick from 3 classes in the beginning of the game ( Knight, Mage, Strider ) but after a bit of leveling up you can unlock other class choices like Mystic Archer and whatnot. You also have Pawns who accompany you on your journey. Pawns are basically companions that can really come in handy in the heat of battle especially if your facing bosses and other powerful enemies.

Another thing i want to get out there is this game is not easy. It's not as burdensome as Dark Souls but don't except to go out there and immediately start crushing every foe that crosses your path. This game is all about preparation and working together with your team of pawns, utilizing there strengths to overcome the odds.

There is a hug world for you to explore and dive into. The map is much larger than Skyrim's so you get the idea of what to expect.

I could go on and on about this game but what it really comes to is what you look for in a RPG. If you are the explorer/ adventurer, loot loving kind of player then this game is right for you. If you are keen on story and memorable characters then you might end up being let down.

However, its still an awesome title and is definitely deserving of a rent at the least.

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