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GF Rating


A total let down

posted by SlajeD (WESTFIELD, IN) Jul 1, 2014

Member since Sep 2010

Take Golden Ax now remove the fun and replace it with giant boobs and butts. I'm all for sexy in video games but when that is all it really has to offer and it isn't Playboy or Leisure Suit Larry it's just sad.

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GF Rating


Is okay

posted by Raul12 (NEW ROCHELLE, NY) May 4, 2014

Member since Mar 2012

This game is alright;but when facing the dragons especially the ancient one why is it out of all the places you have to hit it right on its face. Mind you its where it does it biting attack,fireball and wall of flame the dragon has a 90% chance in hitting you dead on. I mean really why do that they should had let you hit it anywhere also not where you can hit you most of the time; and just hope the equipment you have and items will help you stick around alittle bit longer in the fight. I personally I like to move around find places I can do damage and still have time to take cover not be in the eye in the storm and just hope I wont get hit too much; but if I choose to just stay in one place then is my choice;and also you get 2 life points when facing this bad boy dragon and the goddess powers cannot reach you but when you try purchasing more life points they only kick in when going only during adventures only not when facing the dragon. The game is pretty good though with graphic nice approach for a RPG something unique and different.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great Artistc Graphics. Fun, but gets boring fast.

posted by MrSche (MEMPHIS, TN) Apr 22, 2014

Member since Jun 2007

I like the art style of this game. The fighting reminds you of a side scroller, with a gauntlet feel. It can be a bit chaotic, as your character will get lost in all the fighting, especially if you have other players along for the ride. You wont know where you are, and it quickly becomes a hardcore button masher. The story really isn't that special, didn't keep my interest much at all, but it was ok. The upgrade, equipment and accessories UI is a bit tedious and wonky. Almost made me not even want to level up my character.
I did like aspects of this game. I like how you can resurrect new allies. The messages they leave behind over their bones are hilarious at times.
The graphics were the best. The cartoon art is unique. The gameplay just gets boring after a while because you often repeat the same dungeons to do side quests, fighting the same enemies in the same on screen chaotic battles.
Its good for a rent to blaze through, but I wouldn't but this one.

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