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Golden axe is over-rated! Try this instead!

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Sep 18, 2013

Member since May 2010

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Is it getting to a point where we can't write about what is in a game for fear of being vulgar? Hmmm..
Anyway there are other games that fit this category of game..
golden axe series(SEGA)- over-rated brawler that was frustrating to play, and their most modern effort was a lazy god of war clone..
king Arthur and the knights of the round(SNES)- introduced a primitive leveling system to this genre..
King of dragons(I think it was called)(SNES)- featured a fighter, cleric, wizard, and was it an elf? or an archer? don't know can't remember! That game looks ALOT like this game except the graphics and style are way different!!
modern era games like this include
code of princess(Ds)- which is also made by atlas...
and then well that is it, basically...
This game blend 2d side scrolling action with RPG. The Character graphics don't change any except when you change weapons which are ALWAYs of the same class as the type your class specializes in. You CAN customize your abilities and you can equip various articles on your character to give you a serious boost. You can replay areas you have cleared for extra experience and loot.
New weapons are obtained via loot that you pick up after the stage is cleared, BUT ONLY if you open the treasure chests that you find in the stages! The fact, is that your thief RANNIE, the rogue actually takes the items from the chests, and then gives them to you after the stage is cleared.. You can also only change your equipment in town, so you have to go prepared ahead of time.
Looney Left wingers are BORED, which is why they are complaining about the women in this game. The Women of this game aren't all that bad, but they are made sexy, then again, the guys have so many muscles it like they have steroids on tap or something, bear chested too.. This game was made to carry the sexy look, yet people only complain about the women??? The guys in this game are just as bad, and they are just as comical! Try Before you buy!

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Throw back to the 80's

posted by Access (IONIA, MI) Sep 14, 2013

Member since Sep 2008

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This game has some neat looking art, but it feels like a souped up Golden Axe.

It's worth a rent, but I sent it back the next day.

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posted by SOUR_11B (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Nov 10, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

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dont bother wasting about 8 days total worth of mail delivery time on this garbage.

this is the worst game ever created in the history of the world.

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