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AWESOME, then stupid and worthless

posted by MCkiller (ROMEOVILLE, IL) Jul 12, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

I loved campaign mode which has great visuals, weapons and monsters. Yeah....notice how i said campaign mode, I did since co-op made me give this a 5 instead of a 10. In co-op you basically start out normally except the graphics become a lot worse and shooting makes the game like a N64 game its that bad, you shoot at something and it lags up and basically if it was a human the heart rate would go from good to nothing. I hated co-op down to the core for that and the fact that they took about an hour of game play out. Don't play co-op, only play single player (I don't play death match and stuff like that)

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A sweet game!

posted by Kevman (NORTH MANCHESTER, IN) Jun 25, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

This game starts out awesome, and ends better. The graphics are so good, it looks like your watching a movie from the 80's, but with much better actors.

In single player you start out looking for a scientest who's gone missing. As you explore Mars City Underground (MCU) you start to relize how scary this game will be before the demons start attacking. When you find the scientest he tells you that he's seen the devil, that he made his cage. Then all heck literally breaks lose. The game goes up hill (or down, depending on wether your talking about what level of heck your in).

The veriety of guns was awsome, from you fists to a pistol to a mechine gun to a rocket launcher to a cube that gives you life from your foes.

But the best thing in my opinion about this game is the sound that was added. The fact of people breathing, you think its a demon around the corner. You never know, untill you round that corner to find a missile launching deamon.

The only problem with the game, which was only a problem for me apperantly, was that in around the year 2180 they had forgot how to hold a gun and a flashlight at once. In some parts of the game its pitch black and there are 4 monsters attacking you and you cant see where they are, so you start randomly shooting anywhere you see fit. That was my only problem, a small one, yet still there.

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Doom 3 worth the wait

posted by tychicus (DAYTON, OH) Apr 26, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

If you you are a hard core doom fan you have already purchased and beaten this excellent shooter. If you are skepitcal first person shooter fan I strongly recommened Doom 3. I began gaming upon the release of Halo: Combat Evovled. I have been spoiled and expect only the best in shooters. Doom 3 is on my list of must have shooters for the xbox. I plan to purchase this by my next pay check.
The controls are fluid and simple. A simple touch of the d-pad lets you quickly access one of four different weapons. This comes in very handy for those close quarters, no time to think, no time to run moments. The beautiful graphics make the infrequent but lengthy loading times worth the thirty second wait. If you don t like the loading times put down Half Life 2 and go play NES!
Vivid atmosphere and a variety of characters that gradually introduce themselves along with new weapons to combat them with.
The story compliments the gameplay. It adds explanation to the blood and intermittent power outs. Oops, I have said too much! Why dont you go play doom 3 right now? If you dont own it and arent sure if its worht the money then rent it from gamefly! Dont forget your flashlight.

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