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Doom Mood!

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Aug 7, 2006

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Did you know that according to the book "Masters of Doom", the game was named after a line from Tom Cruise's "Color of Money"? Obscure, but inspiration comes from the darnedest places...
Anyway, this game is dripping with atmosphere. You'll be checking every nook and cranny with the flashlight and run away from the slightest flash of red light. Sure the story is formulaic and you basic point and shoot, but like I said...the mood is thick. Don't play this alone (if your kids are with you, have them look away...) This mood could only be conveyed by the best graphics and lighting so far in an Xbox game. My only qualms are:
You can't use your flashlight and gun at the same time. What, they didn't have duct tape? It does give a sense of urgency switching between the too (the dark swallows all), but come on...
The chainsaw comes kinda late. You also see one on the floor of some levels but can't pick it up.
Anyway, one of the better Xbox games, for sheer atmosphere alone.

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Very Good

Awesome... but scary

posted by truereview (FORT WAYNE, IN) Jul 24, 2006

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All of you wonder if you really want to spend your time renting this game or buying it. If you like scary movies or horror films you will love this game. It will keep you guessing what will happen next or what demon or zombie will jump out from the dark and surprise you. This game is scary enough to scare even the most hardcore gamers. With the different weapons to choose from and twisting story plot it is sure to thrill.

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scary good game bad lighting

posted by deadbeam09 (HACKETTSTOWN, NJ) Jul 19, 2006

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this game was the scariest game i ever played but the lighting of the game was very poor. You could barely see anything without always carrying the dumb flashlight, even if you go to the options menu and higher the lighting of the game, you might still find it too hard to see. I'm not afraid of the dark, i just find a game hard when you can't see your enemies or witch way your going

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