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I peed on myself!!!!!!!

posted by mrreview (MT PLEASANT, MI) Apr 19, 2006

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Just let me say it didn't really go the the bathroom on myself while playing this game. It is scary though. You will begin really easily with a short start that has no enemies so it's easy to begin. once you get the hang of the controls the zombies and imps will attack. You play as a nameless and voiceless marine unless you count all the grunts he will let out when hurt. The shooting is very straight forward. You walk around and kill things. That is the only problem. Other then that you will have a variety of guns and enemies. The enemies range from zombies to what I think is actually Satan. The guns range from your fists to a simple pistol all the way to a cube that takes away the power of your enemies. Of all the games I have ever played this one has the best shotgun. The pistol is weak and the machine gun is sub par. The biggest stand out is the chainsaw. That is right. You will get one. We have all seen chainsaws before but the first person view with it is nice. The graphics are beautiful and the voice acting is great. I also say you should get the expansion pack which for some reason isn't available for rent on Gamefly.

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The weapons pack a punch and the enemies are sweet

posted by RadioBob (WICKLIFFE, OH) May 15, 2006

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When you first pop in the DOOM 3 game and start playing single player, you might not be too impressed. But that is a good thing in the long run, as DOOM 3 chose to build up the action as it goes. First off, the graphics are very impressive, and while some things look terrible at times, it never subtracts from the gameplay. The weapons-as stated above-pack a mean punch. To a not-that-shabby side-arm, to a pump-action shotgun. The enemies, while not too smart but not too dumb, are very impressive. All the enemies are what you would expect from a great horror/survival game. The level design sometimes feels too close-quarters at times. But the shooting action is very well done and doesn't seem to subtract from what is an overall great game. The multiplayer is also great, if not BETTER than single player! The standered Deathmatch scenario is awesome and very fast paced, although, you always spawn with a pistol and a couple grenades, making it easy for you to die after respawing. But co-op is the best thing since sliced bread! (I use that cliché' on purpose) When you first start playing co-op, your automatically hooked. But be careful, it's best not too "quick match" until you have beaten the game as you start with ALL levels from the moment you start the disc. All in all, you can get this game for a reasonable price now, so go and buy one of the greatest XBOX games so far. Plus, buying the collecters edition earns you SERIOUS bonuses. I.e. original DOOM 1&2 with co-op and deathmatch added exclusive for the collecter's version.

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Scary yes!!!

posted by zman2231 (KATY, TX) May 5, 2006

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This is the scariest game ever. Doom 3 will scare you with its realistic graphics (like Splinter Cells graphics),its dark hallways, and the scary looking enemies. This game will or might wet your pants. The weapons are good and you will get new ones as you progress through the game. The mulitplayer is good. The online co-op play is a nice feature. One good thing about Doom 3 is sometimes in the levels you will have drones who will have powerful weapons. The boss battles are pretty good. The only minor problem and i'm sure everyone knows is that you can't have your flashlight with your gun so sometimes you will have to switch between your gun and your flashlight. This game is awesome besides the minor problem this is the best scary game ever. That is why I give Doom 3 a 10 out 10.

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