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it had its ups and downs

posted by boondawg (CATONSVILLE, MD) Jun 15, 2006

Member since Sep 2005

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it was okay compared to the first doom3 but it was just way to short and not as expandable so like why did they make this one? the good part was the doom and doom 2 was added in i think that they should come out with a disk that has every doom on called the collators edition it would have 1,2,3,3/2
and any others i for one enjoy the franchise but not this one

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Xbox360 play

posted by germany28 (PEEBLES, OH) May 11, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

I own this game and it is amazing!! If you played Doom 3 and liked it you will love this game. I only have one problem with it, Gamefly makes it seem like you can play this on your Xbox 360, well I own the game and it WILL NOT play on my xbox 360. So if you only have a xbox 360, you, more than likely, won't be able to play it. Reguardless it is an amazing last gen game!

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Fun and Exciting

posted by Zero0000 (RICHFORD, NY) Jul 6, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

When I saw Doom 3 on lets play videos I was skeptical about the sequel of Doom 3 ROE. However playing the game however revived my hopes for the Doom Series once again. Enemies old and new appeared and gave me a slight buzz, seeing Imps, Cacodemons, Lost Souls and even the Mancubus appear gave my Doom sense of the word of Fear.

What made this game even more exciting was the fact that the original Doom aka Ultimate Doom with Knee Deep in the Dead, Shores of Heck and Inferno as well as a new chapter I never saw before Thy Flesh Consumed. All four chapters gave me a sense of challenge and fun like the old Doom games should...however thats not the only perks on this action packed game.

Doom 2 and Master Levels also makes a stand out in the series though I played only very little it was however extremely challenging and well worth playing through.

Though Doom 3 ROE itself was a great game however there are some cons in the game that kinda took the fun away from time to time. For example the "Grabber" is a pain to work with because you must be precise on where you aim to grab either Energy Blasts from the Imps and the bosses themselves but also trying to use it to grab distant items and solve various puzzles while trying to avoid getting killed was an annoyance than a challenge.

Another example is actually a problem to only me was that you needed PDA's not just for clearance to other areas but also you need to look at them to get passwords for important supplies you need to survive the hordes of heck but these were a minor annoyance.

Overall Doom 3 ROE is a Awesome game for those who dont know Doom or a fan of the Retro Doom will clearly enjoy this game. I hope in the future Dooms to come that the series will just as good.

Gameplay: 10 of 10
Story: 10 of 10
Music: 10 of 10
Fun Factor: 10 of 10
Overall: 10

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