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Doom 3: BFG Edition


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Also on:Xbox 360
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Welcome to H-E- double hockey stick

posted by buccshot (PORTAGE, MI) Sep 20, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

This game is still excellent, it comes with the original Doom and DoomII. I didn't really get too far into the old ones though, mainly I rented this because when the original version hit the xbox it was EPIC! This game still gives me an uneasy feeling after all these years, Bethesda and ID know what they are doing. DOOM3 is hands down one of the best gut wrenching in your face scary games and totally deserved to be resurrected.

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posted by playstationfan0 (BRADFORD, AR) May 23, 2014

Member since Jul 2013

This game is an epic remake of vanilla doom 3 yeah its not as dark yeah your flash light can almost always be on but this is a blast plus you get doom 1 & doom 2 and all the dlc for doom 3 this game is a blast lasted about 8 hours for main singleplayer on doom 3 must have for anybody looking for a fps/horror! Also for all those people who want this but think its satanic you are wrong its about you killing evil the whole game but weird sounds and what sounds like latin when they spawn in on pentagrams but other than that its what it would look like if h%%% was unleashed this game isnt satanic its like wolfenstein they kept the swasticka instead of censoring it well doom put pentagrams doesnt mean wolfenstein promotes n%%%%% just showing what it would look like with a n%%% takeover same with doom but instead if h%% was unleashed. Hope this helps old vets of the game and people who never even heard of doom until the new wolfenstein and for those few who thought it was evil or something its really worth a rent if not buy! due to gameflys censorship i had to put % but you should be able to tell what im talking about

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Slow as A Snail

posted by MOONSTAR (WILTON, CA) May 18, 2014

Member since Oct 2007

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Absolutely nothing happens. Sure monsters appear every thirty freaking seconds and weapons get more powerful and varied throughout, but all that gets old really really fast. and that's the whole game. The level design is also pretty confusing and difficult to navigate sometimes. Maybe that's how shooters did it in the older days but really, it isn't that entertaining. More or less annoying.

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