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See how it moves you

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Nov 6, 2012

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I played this game when it was released back on the original Xbox and liked it. It was moody, dark, and the enemies that popped at you behaved better then most others at the time. Forced you to shoot and move and move and shoot with different enemies requiring different timing and tricks.

As others have said tho, I feel this game - even more then others - comes off a bit dated and the only thing I have is a brief comparison to the Half-life games for you to explain myself. I liked Half-life, 2 especially, a lot. Why I like them better then Doom and Quake? I can't really say. You can argue the gravity gun from Half-life 2, but Doom has some great weapons that really made a splash at the time and I love the spider sentry bots, later upgraded as mobile jumping machine gun spider turrets in RAGE, that roam the occasional level. Overall, I just got tired of taking 4 steps forward and then spinning and checking every angle and listening intently for the enemy pop that I never seemed to be facing and hope I don't back into a corner (hint - I always backed into a corner). Rinse, repeat. Half-life 2 didn't seem to have that weariness built into it and I enjoyed it more.

Doom 3 is not a bad game and the addition of Doom and Doom 2 is nice. These are even more dated, but in that incredibly obvious way that doesn't offend like 3 seems to do to me.

To be fair, tho, every Doom game has entirely too many key card security doors that I just have to ask...I have, grenades, a rocket launcher and then later the BFG! - why do I need a key card to open that door? Newer games have replaced the key card with squad members having to open the door for you - same question as before.

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posted by merkie (MILWAUKEE, WI) Nov 3, 2012

Member since May 2011

I played Doom when it was first released. When Doom 3 was released I could not wait to come home from work and play this game. The re-release of Doom 3 was so disapointing!!! There is really nothing new about this game. If you have already gone through the entire Doom franchise I suggest you move on to other games. This was fun but enough is enough. It will always be a GREAT game but playing once is enough.

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