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Classic Doom Re-Mastered & Justifed

posted by marshall420 (LEICESTER, NC) Oct 28, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

First things first, I'm a huge die-hard fan of the Doom trilogy. When I heard about it being re-released and re-mastered with HD graphics through my friend Dean, I knew I had to at the very least try it out. He and I are both Doom junkies. As beautiful and eye-popping the graphics are in Doom 3, the graphics are nicely improved for the oldie and goldie Doom 1 & 2 for PC originally.

Graphically- Doom 3 looks even more amazing re-vamped up to HD on the 360 console. Doom 1 & 2 are nicely polished.

Sound- Love it! I cannot say anything bad about it. Nothing shy of perfection.

Atmosphere- Gives the player the eerie and creepy feel in the re-mastered Doom 3 and amped up to the next level of horror/shooter genre.

Controls- Easy as pie! Simple. Easy access to all your weapons you have first off and gain along the way.

Gameplay- It is smooth and crisp for Doom 1 and 2. I give it tht by far! In Doom 3, I have first-handedly experienced, alongside what my friend Dean has said and gamer friends of mine have noticed too, is the drop in the game's frame rate. Something must be a miss here because I know it's not just my copy of the game. Other gamers/friends of mine have experienced the same issues.

My experience: I was right in the middle of unloading on a hoarde of enemies and suddenly my gun slowed down drastically firing and the enemies quit moving. I re-loaded from diffrent save files at the same checkpoint where I left off and the same issue kept occuring.

I hope there may be a Patch to fix this to download on XBL Marketplace (Free would be Ideal,) Besides the flaws of frame-rate issues, I honestly will give it a 9 out of 10. This is and are classic games and I don't believe it's right to drop the score too low because of 1 particular hiccup. One of my personal favorite games to date! I recommend picking up your rental copy! If you would like to contact me by XBL, gamertag is SUPERMARSH1984. Happy Gaming!!

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Above Average

Great new look on an old title, but has issues

posted by ThatGuy691 (IRVING, TX) Oct 19, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

Doom 3 was fantastic when it came out in '03, and it's still a fantastic game almost 10 years later, but this re-release has some issues. The gameplay is still spot on, the sound still creeps you out everytime you hear a groan or grunt. The music sets the tone for you to be utterly creeped out when something jumps out at you. Sadly though, there are parts of this title that have MAJOR framerate lag, it drops down to near nothing where the action becomes incredibly choppy to the point of almost being unplayable.

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Very Good

Welcome Back ID Software

posted by CptnCommamdo (SAN FERNANDO, CA) Oct 17, 2012

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Developer ID Software is going back to the underworld & bringing us 2003's most anticipated first person horror shooter DOOM 3 in a new & improved enhanced version called DOOM 3 BFG Edition. Published by Bethesda, Doom 3 BFG Edition is a combo pack that includes Doom 3, The Russerection of Evil Add-on pack, new The Lost Missions campaign dlc, the Original Doom & Doom 2 all with enhanced visuals. Relive the Nightmare in Doom 3 with an epic adventure, great gameplay, amazing arsenal of weapons, & fight an onslaught of death-defying enemies that rise from the deep bowels of the Underworld & the fun don't stop there. Take the game to online multiplayer & bring friends because its going to be a bloodfest. Doom 3 gets an 8 out of 10.

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