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GF Rating


One of the best games on Wii.

posted by Lindyin44 (CINCINNATI, OH) Dec 8, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

One of the best games on Wii. The controls are good. The music is fantastic. Nintendo EAD Tokyo really stepped up the DK franchise big time. I would put this game up there with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy. Yes the bosses can be repetitive with FOUR!!!! different boss types. This game is for EVERYONE!!! not just children. Yes the game is short but has lots of replay value. I say it has just as much as NSMBW. Overall a better experience than the GCN version. Defiantly Rent or Buy.

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Same adventure, diffrent level

posted by Tekken1 (BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA) Oct 2, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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With this new play control, it feels like your on a 2d Mario Galaxy but you are useing the best of the best, "DONKEY KONG!" the gamecube version was easy cuss of the grab and the sound waves and lots of health, but with the Wii it's a little chalanging with the soundwaves cause you have to use the control stick to face the direction of your wave. Plus, way you move the bubble is fun and challanging cause you have to move the mote like a joy stick. The barrels wernt in the orrginal, so that bilds up some combos. and finaly, it's just plain fun! you will enjoy it!

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GF Rating

Above Average

A strangely familiar Beat

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 10, 2009

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6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

One of Nintendo's most known icons makes a return in one of his must unusual games, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
But instead of using bongos, you beat with the Wiimote and Nunchuck to unleash an attack.
You can use the slap attack that destroys/stuns enemies and sends some projectiles back where they come from.
You can also grab enemies (most likely stunned enemies) and pound on them with your fists. No matter how many times I do that, it never gets old. The rest of the controls are your standard platforming fare.
The story is not very memorable; you have to rescue several kingdoms from evil by getting through two platforming levels and beating the big boss at the end of the second level.
But games like this aren't known for their story, their known for their fun factor. And there's a lot of fun on display here - lots more fun if you're a platforming fan.
Blasting through barrels, riding on birds, and zipping through zip lines are featured in this game. Though not original, they're used very well.
But just like any other platforming game, there will be a few sets of jumps that will try your patience.
And the bosses repeat over and over again. There are only three boss types on display here.
Getting past the twelve kingdoms will probably take three to four hours for most skilled players (which is a bit on the short side), and those not interested in platforming games won't find anything to like here.
But Donkey Kong Jungle Beat has a lot going for it, and you don't have to buy an accessory to play it. RENT IT.

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