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Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

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Stupid Frikken Monkey.

posted by angerstorm (CEDAR PARK, TX) Mar 27, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

I made the unfortunate mistake of buying this game.I don't think it even deserves to be rented.The controls are indeed unique,and they may entertaining at times,but because Nintendo and the Donkey Kong team like the idea of bongos for controls,the the gameplay is limited.For example, the fighting.With small fries,you clap.You touch the enemy and they blow up or some other goofy animation.The boss battles are the best part of the game and still not too impressive.And,you know,when you beat a boss too bad,it powers up with rage.When you get beat up(trust,you will)you don't get a new ability,and you know why?Ding!His controls consist of an L beat,a R beat,a clap,two beats at once,L beat then R beat over and over again,and-oh wait,THAT'S IT!A.K.A.,not enough to learn new moves.Because of this,Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is barely over repetitive.Please,for your sake and mine,don't get this game.

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Great, Great, Great

posted by nnaatteedd (BIG STONE GAP, VA) Jul 21, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

This game is really really good. Sure, the controls are really hard to get used to. But as soon as you figure it It's a fun game, no replay value, but just getting through it once is a challenge. You feel like you're beating up the baddies, as you smack the bongos. I DO NO RECOMMEND THIS GAME WITHOUT THE BONGOS!!!

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Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat is a great game.

posted by mathman817 (FAIR OAKS, CA) Jul 16, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat for the Nintendo Gamecube is an excellent game for Gamecube fans such as myself. It introduces a new type of Action/Adventure game genre, by using the bongo drum controller as a new way to move Donkey Kong around the many colorful worlds and environments by either clapping or banging your way through many worlds. The main goal of the game is to become king of the jungle, but to do that, Donkey Kong must collect as many beat as he can in order to earn crests of royalty. You earn the bronze crest just for beating the boss, and in addition you can earn other crests by collecting many beats. 400 beats= Silver Crest. 800 beats= Gold Crest. The more crests you collect, the more kingdoms you can unlock. At the end of every kingdom is a boss. Each of these bosses have special weaknesses that you can use to your advantage. At first the bosses may seem easy, but later as you progress through the game, they become tedious and difficult.

Although the compatibility with different age groups and skill levels is limited, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat for the Nintendo Gamecube is still an outstanding game. The graphics are colorful and well-defined, the gameplay is innovative and fun and overall, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat is a must have game for the Gamecube.

Overall Score: 9/10

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