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Donkey Kong Country

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

donkey kong country 3 cheats

Go to options then go to cheats and enter the cheat. If its correct you will hear a cry.

  • monkey
    fifty lives
  • aqua
    all 98 gold coins
Donkey Kong Country Cheats

Go to the start menu then highlight erase, then hold down select and press down the following keys...

  • B, Up, B, B, A
    Animal practice bonus
  • B, A, L, L, A, Down
    music screen
Fifty lives:

Highlight the ERASE option on the game selection screen. Now press and Enter code. You will hear sound if you have entered the code correctly.

  • hold Select and push B, A, R(2), A, L.
    Fifty lives